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Xtralis Early and Reliable Fire, Gas and Security Detection Solutions for the Rail Industry

Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. Its technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.

Smoke, gas and environmental detection and monitoring systems

Xtralis solutions include:

  • VESDA® high-sensitivity aspirating smoke detection
  • VESDA ECO™ aspirating smoke detection plus gas detection and environmental monitoring
  • ICAM™ flexible aspirating smoke detection
  • ICAM ECO™ aspirating smoke detection plus gas detection and environmental monitoring
  • ADPRO® perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security
  • ASIM™ traffic detection

Early warning fire and gas detection for trains

Transit operators turn to Xtralis for reliable fire detection and security solutions to detect and deter threats before passenger safety, assets and service are compromised. Xtralis’ life, safety and security solutions can detect threats at the earliest possible stage, providing valuable time to take action and avoid or minimise harm and disruption.

VESDA incorporates intelligence capabilities into the onboard environment allowing the integrated system to take staged-action based on real events.

Operating in standalone and network environments, VESDA meets the most stringent and unique demands for reliability and safety.

VESDA train-based fire safety solutions provide real-time, end-to-end situational awareness that allows transit operators to respond to situations quickly and effectively.

Early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD)

Xtralis is the pioneer in the application of early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) on trains. Xtralis has many achievements, including:

  • First large-scale commercial installation in early 1990s
  • First to conduct the most comprehensive smoke test programme on moving trains
  • First and only successfully completed 12-month rigid system performance and survivability evaluation in one of the most challenging rail operating environments in the world
  • First system used across a variety of train and metro car types
  • First system to have proven long term reliability and performance over an entire train major overhaul period of more than 15 years

With a team of highly experienced engineers working on each train project with its customers, Xtralis advanced VESDA smoke detection system comes with many unparallel advantages no other form of detection can offer for rolling stock protection, including:

  • Cost-effective standalone or networked fire detection system with approved build-in control and display unit
  • Diversified protection measures using one detection platform for carriage, toilets, power cars, onboard control cabinets as well as under-carriage power supply units and electric traction equipment
  • Improved passenger safety and maintain high service level with early and reliable detection to prevent unnecessary interruption to train operation

Integrating smoke and gas detection within HVAC systems

Xtralis provides specially designed VESDA to meet train HVAC smoke detection needs. It develops the system and integration with a HVAC manufacturing design team to ensure the smoke detection system is fit-for-purpose and highly reliable in such a challenging environment. The VESDA solution can also be extended to include reliable and cost-effective gas detection and environmental monitoring which is part of future eco-friendly trains.

Fire and security products

Xtralis has a full range of award-winning fire and security products with 150+ international patents registered and its applications engineering team is the leader in the application of early detection in performance-based, risk-informed design practice for rail protection.

The engineering team has conducted many train onboard fire / smoke test programmes worldwide with a variety of train operation environments. It is also leading the fire safety industry in the use of advanced computer modeling tools for design evaluation and optimisation for the application of aspirating smoke detection (ASD) for incipient and developing fire detection and verification.

Customer service

Xtralis has a global customer base served by its representatives in over 30 countries along with high-quality channel partners worldwide. Xtralis works closely with its dedicated rail industry partners to serve rail customers worldwide from the train manufacturing site to the final project delivery country with local support for the entire life cycle of the rolling stock.

Xtralis also offers excellent after-sales support, spare parts availability and technical training to ensure a smooth operation of the rail network.

Quality Approvals / Awards

Xtralis has ISO certification. The design, manufacturing and support processes are currently accredited to international standard ISO 9001-2008, and it is implementing a six sigma quality management system.

Xtralis’ aspirating smoke detectors have the widest range of worldwide approvals. Its products also are in compliance with other relevant EN, CISPR, FCC, AS, IEC and UL standards. Its powerful engineering capability is certified to NATO Australian National Codification Scheme.

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