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Jensen Hughes Fire Protection and Life Safety Services for Railway and Transit Facilities

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JENSEN HUGHES provides specialised fire safety engineering services for railway and public transport systems.

The company’s scientists, consultants and engineers evaluate risks and develop cost-effective safety solutions based on extensive experience.

Performance-based safety design in rail environments

JENSEN HUGHES is experienced in the field of performance-based fire protection and life safety design approaches that support alternate compliance methods.

The company serves on the technical committee of NFPA 130, Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, and assists clients throughout the approval process for their railcar, station and tunnel fire and life safety systems.

JENSEN HUGHES’ services include the application of egress and computer-based fire models to smoke control, fire alarm and suppression systems design and other specialised applications.

The company also provides comprehensive performance-based design for rail or transit systems that encompass tunnel, station and railcar fire safety, as well as the complexities arising from these elements interacting in a modern transportation system.

Passenger flow and evacuation modelling

Pedestrian modelling evaluates pedestrian flows in large complicated spaces with high transient occupant loads and different levels of familiarity. Evacuation modelling is used to determine the time taken to evacuate buildings, as well as demonstrate that occupants can evacuate before conditions on exit routes become untenable.

Dynamic passenger and evacuation models predict passengers’ response when subjected to different visual cues, including wayfinding and signage, smoke movement, and physical barriers such as security gates and ticket kiosks.

Pedestrian models can also provide a holistic planning tool for identifying pinch points, and analyse design modifications to improve general building performance.

The design of large assembly, transient-occupant load buildings, such as airports, transit terminals and multimodal hubs, requires normal and emergency passenger flows to be considered concurrently.

Providing effective flow for normal and emergency scenarios is important for operational and life safety requirements. JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience evaluating the impact of access restrictions (i.e. security barriers at airports), as well as the impact of a wide range of events such as fires, bomb threats, and active shooter scenarios.

Computational modelling services for rail and transit tunnels

JENSEN HUGHES uses a wide variety of computational models to evaluate issues, such as tunnel ventilation and structural fire protection.

The company uses the Subway Environment Simulator Model (SES) to evaluate tunnel ventilation, and performs thermal and structural analysis models to determine the condition of tunnels or stations from fires.

In addition, JENSEN HUGHES has developed fire growth rate and burning rate computer models for rail vehicles, which are used to assist tunnel and station fire protection design and provide input to the fire safety design of the vehicles themselves.

Rail tunnel fire research and development

JENSEN HUGHES performs research and development to address the unique challenges of tunnel detection and suppression. The company has conducted in-situ research and testing of a wide range of detection systems in the Lincoln Tunnel, US, for the Fire Protection Research Foundation.

JENSEN HUGHES has participated in and managed research programmes to develop water mist protection for tunnels in Europe and has developed new capabilities to allow the fire dynamics simulator (FDS) model to visualise the thermal management provided by water mist in tunnel fire scenarios.

This advanced work complements the company’s longstanding expertise in foam sprinklers developed through its research for the US Navy.

Safety and fire protection services for the rail industry

The company’s knowledge of the unique fire protection and life safety challenges in rail stations and tunnels allows it to provide comprehensive solutions.

We have received recognition from the International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS). Out of 35 papers presented by fire scientists, engineers and researchers, covering the broad range of fire safety and security concerns in tunnels, the paper presented by JENSEN HUGHES at ISTSS 2010 was honored with Best Paper.

Entitled Performance Testing of Fire Protection Systems in Tunnels: Integrating Test Data with CFD Simulations, the paper was selected by the symposium’s Scientific Committee for its ‘exceptional integration of field testing and modeling of active fire suppression systems in tunnels’.


Our global clients mainly include Fortune 500 companies in the following industries: education, corporate real estate, healthcare, energy, industrial, government, hospitality, military, and transportation.

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Press Release

Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corporation Acquired by JENSEN HUGHES

JENSEN HUGHES announced that it has completed the acquisition of Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corporation ('Aon FPE').

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Jensen Hughes

3610 Commerce Drive, Suite 817


Maryland 21227

United States of America

+1 410 737 8677 x 10217 +1 410 279 4874 (Cell) www.jensenhughes.com

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Press Release

14 April 2016

JENSEN HUGHES announced that it has completed the acquisition of Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corporation ('Aon FPE').

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26 February 2015

The merger of Rolf Jensen & Associates (The RJA Group) and Hughes Associates on 27 June 2014 has created a new company name - JENSEN HUGHES - for what is now the largest and most experienced specialty engineering consulting firm in the world.

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Regional Offices

Jensen Hughes

3610 Commerce Drive, Suite 817


Maryland 21227

United States of America

Michael J. Ferreira, PE (VP, Development, Aviation and Transportation Services) +1 410 737 8677 x 10217 +1 410 279 4874 (Cell) www.jensenhughes.com

Jin Mao Tower, 24th Floor 2406B

88 Shi Ji Ave.

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Fang Li, FSFPE (VP, China Operations) +86 21 5049 7008 +86 21 5049 7119
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Aaron Vanney, PE (Operations manager) +011 971 4 323 7120 +011 971 4 323 7161
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