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HiRAIL Corporation

Rubber-Grade Crossing Systems for the Railway Industry

100 Kraiburg Boulevard,
Iowa 52253 United States of America

100 Kraiburg Boulevard,
Iowa 52253 United States of America


HiRAIL is a manufacturer of premium, 100% rubber level crossing systems for the rail industry.

The company offers cost-effective solutions for rubber level crossing applications, including Hi-Rail® full-depth, rubber level crossings for wood or concrete ties, pede-RAIL® pedestrian crossings, and Hi-Rail RS® rail sealant for asphalt crossings.

HiRAIL’s reusable products last between 15 and 20 years, have a lower total cost of ownership than other materials, and are easy to install and uninstall. They are also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for flangeway widths.

Full-depth, rubber level crossings

Made of 100% moulded rubber, Hi-Rail full-depth rubber level crossings are highly wear-resistant. They repel water and road chemicals to last up to three times longer than conventional materials, and flexes with freeze and thaw cycles for a year-round, maintenance-free performance.

Hi-Rail is proven to withstand heavy truck traffic and continuous rail shipments, which allows the company to offer one of the rail industry’s strongest warranties.

Thanks to the patented interlocking pads, installing Hi-Rail rubber level crossings is quick and easy, and its tongue-and-groove modular design seals out moisture and debris without using lag screws. Combined with the flangeway design to seal watertight under the rail, HiRAIL systems keep track beds dry and waste-free, reducing the risk of signalling and electrical issues.

Rubber pedestrian rubber level crossings

HiRAIL’s pede-RAIL rubber walkway system offers an attractive, slip-resistant crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and the physically challenged. Textured with a unique surface pattern, pede-RAIL provides secure traction for pedestrian crossings and meets strict ADA specifications.

The system’s lightweight, interlocking, modular rubber panels enable easy installation and provide a smooth and even transition between the crossing and walkway surface.

The pede-RAIL system will complement any rubber level crossing material, including the company’s Hi-Rail full-depth, rubber level crossing systems.

Rail seals for asphalt rubber level crossings

HiRAIL has developed the cost-effective Hi-Rail RS® solution to maintain the performance and appearance of asphalt rubber level crossings.

Comprising a non-conductive 100% rubber strip, Hi-Rail RS fits tightly against the gauge and field side rails to form a barrier that controls asphalt and keeps it away from the rail. The solution effectively seals out debris and moisture, which can lead to asphalt deterioration and signalling problems. Its lightweight design snaps easily into place before asphalt is laid, making it a cost and time-efficient system.

The benefits of using Hi-Rail RS include:

  • A reduction in asphalt rubber level crossing deterioration from motion and moisture
  • A flangeway design, which removes gaps that can trap debris or lead to signalling problems
  • Easy installation, as Hi-Rail RS weighs approximately 55lb for each 6ft piece

Rubber-Grade System For Wood Ties

Within each three-foot section of the Hi-Rail® system, one gauge pad is seated tightly between the rails. Sections are then completed with two field pads - one on each side of the rail.

Rubber-Grade System For Concrete Ties

Within each interlocking 3ft section of the HiRAIL® Full-Depth Rubber Grade Crossing System, one gauge pad is seated between the rails.

HiRAIL Corporation

100 Kraiburg Boulevard


Iowa 52253

United States of America