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NUCAP Energy

Heat Transfer Surface Enhancement Technology

NUCAP Energy develops state-of-the-art heat transfer solutions to improve the efficiency in thermal applications.

3370 Pharmacy Avenue,
Toronto ON,
M1W 3K4 Canada

NUCAP Energy, a division of NUCAP Industries, has created an engineered surface material to optimise heat transfer efficiency in thermal applications and improve thermal energy storage systems capacity. The company implements a unique and patented non-subtractive process called GRIPMetal™, which increases metal surface area without adding weight. This allows manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of their products while providing unparalleled thermal and structural performance. Furthermore, when GRIPMetal™ is used as a component in composite materials it significantly improves the structural strength of the composites, as well as heat transfer effectiveness.

NUCAP’s GRIPMetal™ is suitable for metal substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and titanium. The range of GRIPMetal products is designed to reduce costs and improve thermal transfer and thermal storage efficiency.

NUCAP aims to create a more sustainable and efficient future by supporting innovation across sectors ranging from transportation and aerospace to computing.

Patented materials for heat transfer and energy

NUCAP Energy is launching engineered metal surface materials to the fields of heat transfer and energy storage. NUCAP’s process can fabricate the material to meet customers’ requirements: any metal, shape, and hook geometry, with the choice of a single or double-sided enhancement.

Highlights of NUCAP Energy technology include:

  • Up to 80% more surface area without additional gross material weight
  • Increased structural strength of composite materials
  • Enhanced thermal conductivity between composite material layers

Innovative battery products for transportation applications

High-efficiency cooling systems for electric vehicles (EVs) such as trucks or locomotives are critical to dissipate heat while increasing energy efficiency and extending the lifespan of electronics and batteries.

NUCAP Energy helps meet the current transportation requirements and energy goals by providing materials that provide an excellent means to cool batteries for a range of vehicle requirements. The enhanced material not only improves cooling capability but also when used in composites, because of its ballistic capabilities, provides additional protection to the battery pack simultaneously removing heat and shielding cells from external forces.

High-performance components for electronics

NUCAP components enable the development of cooler, longer-running, and safer batteries.

Components using GRIPMetal can lead to the manufacture of cooler computational processing units (CPUs) to enable a higher computation speed, as well as improved heat dissipation from critical components like insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). can substantially increase components’ longevity.

Heat exchangers for climate control applications

Using NUCAP’s surface modification delivers significant gains in efficiency for heat exchangers, ranging from 40% to 100% (for viscous media such as oils). Increased efficiency makes it possible to save money by reducing the size and weight of heat exchangers.

NUCAP’s enhanced surface material is used in different types of heat exchangers: large rotary exchangers for venues such as arenas, theatres, and hospitals; crossflow exchangers for heat recovery in residential properties; and hydronic plate exchangers for industrial applications.

About NUCAP Energy

Canada-based NUCAP Energy is a leading material manufacturer that is dedicated to finding solutions for optimising thermal processes.

NUCAP Energy is a division of NUCAP Industries, the parent company of NRS Brakes and the owner of patented GRIPMetal™ technology. NUCAP was founded in 1994 and its manufacturing plants are located across Canada and the US.  NUCAP Industries has a history of developing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to improve surfaces of metallic materials.

North American Headquarters

3370 Pharmacy Avenue

Toronto ON

M1W 3K4