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KONČAR-Electronics and Informatics designs, produces and maintains a wide variety of power electronic equipment for electric locomotives, electric and diesel-electric multiple units, trams, passenger cars and trackside facilities.

The company offers high-quality, high-reliability products with a long service-life and compliance with international standards.

Propulsion and auxiliary converters for electric and diesel-electric multiple units

KONČAR-Electronics and Informatics produces propulsion and auxiliary converters for electric and diesel-electric multiple units.

The KONTRAC GP550AC propulsion converter for electric-multiple unit is liquid-cooled with rated propulsion power of 550kW, which enables motor torque control, and regenerative or resistor braking.

The converter is characterised by the modular design of its power units, high-efficiency and easy maintenance.

The KONTRAC PN110AC is an air-cooled auxiliary traction converter. It is fed from a dedicated winding of the main transformer and supplies stabilised voltages to electrical loads. The converter has two three-phase inverters, with two AC outputs and one battery charger, which ensures a DC output. Its input current is nearly sinusoidal and nominal power is 110kVA.

KONČAR-Electronics and Informatics also produces KONTRAC GP550DE, a propulsion and auxiliary converter for diesel-electric rail vehicles. The converter enables motor torque control, regenerative or resistors braking and is designed to be mounted on the vehicle roof.

In addition to the propulsion power, the GP550DE provides two AC outputs and one DC output for supplying all auxiliary consumers on-board the diesel-electric multiple units. The propulsion power of the converter is 475kW and its total nominal power is 550kVA.

Propulsion and auxiliary converters for trams

KONČAR-Electronics and Informatics offers propulsion and auxiliary converters for trams.

The propulsion converter for trams KONTRAC GP170DC turns 600VDC or 750VDC line voltage into propulsion power to control and drive asynchronous traction motors on tram vehicles.

With the propulsion power of 170kW, the converter enables vector control of two asynchronous traction motors connected in parallel. The electrical motor drive operates in either traction or braking mode.

KONČAR’s KONTRAC PN35DC auxiliary power supply converter for trams converts 600VDC or 750VDC line voltage into three-phase AC voltage for the tramcar’s air-conditioning unit, single-phase AC voltage for service purposes and DC voltage for charging batteries and supplying of all DC consumers on-board the tram.

The KONTRAC PN35DC is an air-cooled, high-frequency resonant converter, which is characterised by its compact and lightweight design, and suitable for ambient temperatures between -40°C and 40°C.

Static converters for passenger cars

KONČAR-Electronics and Informatics manufactures multi-system static converters for passenger cars.

The KONTRAC PN50MS multi-system static converter is used as the power supply for all clients in modern air-conditioned coaches on European railways. It is powered by any of four UIC voltages and serves as the source of electric energy for the coach air-conditioning system, all single-phase and three-phase consumers, as well as for charging batteries and power supply of all DC consumers on-board a passenger coach.

Switching to another UIC system is performed automatically and without external supervision. The converter enables active control of input impedance among other features, which are modular design of power units, integrated earthing and disconnecting device, as well as flat battery power supply.

Trackside converters for substations

Trackside auxiliary power supply converter KONTRAC PN30AC is fed by 25kV, 50Hz overhead line via transformer in a substation.

It is used to supply various loads inside the substation facilities (power supply for integrated lighting and information systems, railway signaling and protection systems, etc.). An overhead line might generate spikes, sags and surges caused by the current drawn from locomotives.

In order to avoid damages of the converter and provide a trackside noise filtered power source, the input stages of the converter are made in the same technology as KONČAR’s rolling stock converters. The trackside converter features robust input rectifiers, converter rolling stock technology, near-sinusoidal input current, and modular power module design.

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