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Camlin Rail

Smart Grid Power Supply and Fault Management Systems

31 Ferguson Drive,
Lisburn, County Antrim,
Knockmore Hill Industrial Park,
BT28 2EX Northern Ireland

31 Ferguson Drive,
Lisburn, County Antrim,
Knockmore Hill Industrial Park,
BT28 2EX Northern Ireland

Smart Grid Power Supply and Fault Management Systems

Camlin Rail designs, manufactures and supplies a range of innovative products to the rail and power industries, created to solve many of the key problems facing these sectors in the modern world. Camlin Rail equipment ranges from fully automated reconfigurable power systems and circuit breaker test equipment to fault management on LV networks.

Automated and reconfigurable power system

SIGNET is a smart grid that is designed to maintain the supply of power during arduous fault conditions. In the event of a fault, or even when a section of the cable is stolen, the SIGNET switches first open in order to protect the power system and then automatically re-configures the network to isolate the faulted or missing section and provide continuity of supply. As SIGNET is a fully configurable power system the faulted section of cable can be repaired or replaced at a time convenient for the network operator. Following any remedial cable works SIGNET can be restored to its original configuration with no effect on train movements.

The SIGNET system is installed on the Network Rail West Coast Mainline, the UK’s most strategic route connecting London to Glasgow. SIGNET is also installed on the East London Overground Line, providing total network reliability for the London Olympics.

SIGNET brings intelligence to low-voltage power networks by remotely communicating live network conditions 24/7 to the network management system. Alarms are automatically forwarded in the event of a cable fault or theft providing maintenance teams with vital up-to-date information.

Automatic restoration of power supply

As the global use of railways continues to grow there is increasing pressure to ensure the network is reliable and efficient. A significant portion of train delays can be attributed to loss of signalling power, either by a genuine cable fault or theft. This can disrupt the network resulting in long delays and, in some cases, heavy fines for the network operator. SIGNET automatically restores power to the signals to maintain supply and keep trains running, eliminating train delays.

Benefits of SIGNET include:

  • Automatic isolation of cable faults or cable theft
  • Automatic restoration of supply
  • Available in 400V and 650V for IT or TN systems
  • Brings intelligence to signalling power networks
  • Communications: alarms and events reported automatically to the network management system
  • Total network reliability and no delays
  • Counteracts cable theft by re-configuring the power supply

Automated pulse echo fault location

REFLEKT is an automated pulse echo fault locater. It makes fault location more efficient, effective and practical than ever before, even on complex networks. REFLEKT offers industry-leading capability and flexibility for experienced staff, whilst providing simple and fast automated test capabilities for less experienced staff.

Benefits of REFLEKT include:

  • Automated time domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Simple to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Locates open circuits quickly in the event of cable theft
  • Automated fault location: no manual interpretation of complex TDR traces
  • Simple user interface and display

Circuit breaker tester

PROFILE P3 is a circuit breaker tester and provides a unique insight into the true condition of circuit breakers of all voltages. Testing the breaker online and capturing the vital ‘first trip’ shows how the breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation. The information captured in this online test is critical to the condition-based maintenance of your network.

Benefits of PROFILE P3 include:

  • Fast and simple online test
  • Capture of vital ‘first trip’ operation
  • Onsite analysis of breaker defects
  • Efficient targeting of critical resources
  • Minimised outage times

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Camlin Rail Awarded Signet 650 Network Rail Product Approval

Camlin Rail is pleased to announce the approval of the Signet 650 by Network Rail, effective from 14 May 2012. Camlin Rail already holds product approval for the Signet 400 and this completes the product offering available to major signalling schemes, throughout the UK, designed for 400V or 650V.

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