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Mayser Drag Detection and Obstacle Detection Systems for Train Doors

Mayser is a world-leading supplier of safety systems for public transport applications and an expert in obstacle detection and drag detection systems for train, bus and platform doors.

The company’s products range from safety edges, safety mats and safety bumpers to wireless signal transmission systems and non-contact industrial sensors. Its safety steps, finger protection edges and wireless signal transmission systems for bus and train doors are ideal for both new vehicles and refurbishment programmes.

Drag detection systems for train doors

Public transport has been targeted a lot in recent headlines relating to accidents occurring while people were embarking or disembarking from trains or buses, although the doors had obstacle detection systems installed. This situation can arise for instance, when an item of clothing gets caught in the door.

In accordance with current legislation only objects larger than 30mm have to be detected by the safety systems. The solution to the situation depicted above: the Mayser drag detection system. It detects very thin objects (5mm), and – dynamically – even thinner objects. The sensitive drag detection system reacts immediately and sends a signal to the door control unit.

Mayser’s safety edges are pressure-sensitive obstacle and drag detection systems for automatic doors. If pressure is applied to the safety edge while an automatic door is closing, a signal is transmitted. The door control unit recognises the danger situation and gives a signal to the driver’s cab so that the train does not leave the station until the obstacle caught in the doors has been freed.

Safety mats for plane surfaces

Safety mats are especially suitable for making plane surfaces safe. On application of pressure a switch signal interrupts the automatic door closing movement. Safety mats come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for regular steps, foldaway, sliding or swivel steps, wheelchair ramps and lifts.

Safety edge wireless signal transmission system

This wireless signal transmission system is based on transponder technology. It transports signals from the safety edge to the door controls. It is a wear and maintenance-free self-monitoring system. The transponder technology and wireless signal transmission are not affected by dirt so it is ideal for small spaces and easy to install and retrofit. Complex mechanics including cables and carrier chains are no longer required.

The advantages:

Benefits of using Mayser safety systems:

  • Custom-designed finger protection profiles with integrated sensors
  • Minimal installation costs, thus highly efficient
  • For new vehicles or refurbishment programmes
  • Reliable, self- monitoring systems
  • Fulfill train standards: EN 14752 and VDV 111
  • Weatherproof and highly sensitive, even at extreme temperatures
  • Constant switching behaviour
  • Step sensors with dual function: control command or counting impulse (passenger counting)
  • Fulfill international fire protection standards

The danger of being injured on automatic bus and train doors and steps is high. Mayser sees the improvement in passenger safety, both on public transport and on holiday traffic vehicles, as one of its most important tasks.

Be it in a coach, a modern municipal bus, commuter train, underground or tram, Mayser safety solutions are always adapted to suit the individual vehicle and environmental requirements and you can benefit from our experience too.

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Press Release

InnoTrans 2012: Non-Touch Detection Supplements Anti-Pinch Sensor

Mayser has added a protective Non-Touch Detection system to its safety systems for public transport.

Mayser GmbH & Co KG

Örlinger Strasse 1-3

89073 Ulm



+49 731 2061 0 +49 731 2061 222 www.mayser-sicherheitstechnik.de

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Press Release

17 July 2012

Mayser has added a protective Non-Touch Detection system to its safety systems for public transport.

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Mayser GmbH & Co KG

Örlinger Strasse 1-3

89073 Ulm



+49 731 2061 0 +49 731 2061 222 www.mayser-sicherheitstechnik.de

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