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NOVEK Technical Solutions

Diesel Engine and Transmission Services for the Railway Industry

Hanzelaan 95,,
8017 JE Zwolle,

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. (previously known as Stork Special Products B.V.).

The organisation focuses on development, engineering, production, testing, installation and higher level maintenance and revision work for:

  • Diesel engines (cargo and passenger trains)
  • Transmissions
  • Environmental control systems (ECS, air conditioning and filter systems like NBC protection) for all kind of vehicles and shelter
  • Chilled water plants and NBC-filter systems on-board marine ships

Maintenance support, overhaul and repairs for diesel engines and transmissions

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. specialises in complete maintenance support, overhaul and repair of all kinds of diesel engines and (semi) automatic transmissions for diesel locomotives and rolling stock. Engine and transmission services include:

  • Overhaul and repair of diesel engines and transmissions (automatic and semi-automatic)
  • Damage repair and analysis
  • Worldwide field services and troubleshooting
  • Production, prototyping and complete rebuild of diesel engines
  • Technical components repair
  • Spare parts support
  • Maintenance support

Advanced diagnostic and testing services for diesel engines

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. also offers advanced diagnostic and testing services for diesel engines, including:

  • Damage analysis and technical advice
  • Testing and calibration of engines from 100kW to 2,000kW
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Research and training

Full-load testing of engines, transmissions, air conditioners and water chillers

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. has an extensive testing programme, which is part of the production process for new-build programmes and installed bases. It can carry out full-load testing of engines, transmissions, air conditioners and water chillers in its own facilities. All of its customers receive functional, full-load tested equipment with a new-build warranty for serviced products and new products. NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. only supplies products that are in excellent condition.

Diesel engine test stands

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. uses its in-depth experience and extensive knowledge to establish, execute and continuously improve maintenance processes. The goal is to achieve the highest level of reliability at competitive costs and minimise the lifecycle costs of customers’ systems. It has two test stands with the following specifications:

  • One test stand for diesel engines up to 750kW
  • One test stand with a capacity from 500kW to 2,000kW

Quality awareness and optimal production process

The clean and pleasant environment of production facility NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. is where it all happens. This enables its highly motivated employees to start up new programmes and maintain sufficient production capacity to handle its installed base activities. From washing machines and tooling, to an inspection area and test beds, its keen procedures and quality awareness ensure an optimal production process.

The whole organisation is accredited to ISO 9001:2010 and AQAP 2110 standards, providing evidence of quality assurance processes at the highest levels.

Service department for worldwide technical support

Stork Special Products’ service department is capable of giving you all the technical support you need all over the world. It supports its customers by carrying out damage-analysis, technical inspections, overhaul and repair on-site. NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. can also provide technical advice and the supply of spare parts.

The company also specialises in setting-up tailor-made contracts for maintenance and repair. It is aiming to improve the performance of the locomotive and reduce the operational costs. Together, in cooperation with its customers, NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V. achieves the best results.

Hanzelijn Railway

The 50km Hanze Line (Hanzelijn) runs between Lelystad and Zwolle in the Netherlands to ease commuter congestion on the roads between Amsterdam and the provinces of Groningen and Friesland.

NOVEK Technical Solutions B.V.

Hanzelaan 95,

8017 JE Zwolle