KCPM Consulting’s new design method saved the multi-award winning Roy Hill Mine in Western Australia an estimated $5 million on the purchase price of the (approximately) 600,000 concrete sleepers / ties in its heavy haul rail line.

Roy Hill and its sleeper / tie supplier ITD in Thailand found that if the Australian sleeper design standard was followed for the new trains’ 40t axle loads, the resulting product would be far too expensive; the American AREMA standard would have been equally costly to follow.

KCPM Consulting overcame this problem through application of its new ‘Limit State Design’ sleeper design method.

The focus is wholly on managing and controlling the risk of component failure, rather using arbitrary fixed factors
from the standards that take no account of the complex track, train dynamic system. The Limit State Design
concept has been proven globally to produce cheaper but safe designs for civil infrastructure around the world for
the past 40 years.

KCPM’s new method substantially reduced the size of Roy Hill’s sleepers / ties, saving an estimated $8.50 off the cost of each unit.