Dr Martin Murray of KCPM Consulting has been a pioneer in developing tailored, flexible professional development programmes for railway engineers.

Whatever the field of engineering, those working in railways can often find themselves stationed in geographically diverse and even far flung and remote locations. Educational programmes for railway engineers which require participants to attend universities that are buried in the urban sprawl of cities, are difficult to attend for those in non-urban areas, are consequently expensive, and are problematic for employers whose engineers are absent for a lengthy period.

Dr Murray has many years’ experience developing online, flexible, technology-supported programmes for engineers working in rail infrastructure. His programmes have had participants who are working in South Africa, Sweden, France, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.

There is no need for expensive travel to campus-based classes; study of the material can happen whenever and wherever the participant chooses, within the bounds of the study programme timelines.

Each of these programmes have been developed in collaboration with widely recognised railway experts, who often act as tutors for the participants.

Dr Murray has also developed class-based intensive programmes for groups of engineers within large companies in Australia and the Middle East, bringing education to the client.