The Langmanbridge is a moveable bridge in Groningen (northern part of the Netherlands), managed by the municipality of Groningen. The existing transit systems, located in the two underground spaces of the bridges, were frequently affected by water leaks. In its search for a solution to this problem, the municipality of Groningen rapidly chose MCT Brattberg products. For this project, TTT provided all new watertight cable and pipe transit systems, and Imtech took care of the installation of various cable transit frames.

MCT Brattberg provides a modular transit system to seal off cables and pipes from water, dirt and harsh weather conditions. It even protects against damage caused by vermin. In addition, MCT Brattberg products protect against gas and smoke and, when necessary, act as a flame retardant transit system. MCT Brattberg offers a modular, flexible transit system for cables and pipes that is easy to control during installation. Thus, the safety and functionality of the technical systems in the Langmanbridge transit systems are assured.