Eland Cables is proud to announce its inclusion, for the second consecutive year, in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For listing.

This acknowledges organisations that provide excellent workplaces, excellent workplace practices and great leadership, as defined by its own employees. New and exciting challenges appear as Eland Cables continues to grow and recruiting the very best people has become increasingly important.

Eland Cables’ company strategy is to provide talented people with an inspiring and stimulating environment, resulting in happy, engaged and dedicated staff. This is a winning combination and offers a tangible benefit: first class customer service.

Eland Cables scored highly in all eight categories in order to achieve their coveted position in the Sunday Times listing, including leadership, wellbeing, giving something back and personal growth. Notably, the highest ranking factor was my company which assesses how much people value their company, how proud they are to work there and the extent to which they feel they contribute to the success of Eland Cables.

Eland Cables are unique in the industry to receive this accolade, substantiating that focus on staff development and providing excellent service are interconnected. A strong foundation of exceptional and motivated people is essential for any organisation to fulfil its potential.

“Company culture will continue to feature in our strategy for evolving the company. It is this strong underlying ethos that will allow us to grow and to remain a Top 100 company in the UK,” Philip Brown, Managing Director.