Schenck Process has a high standing in Hesse. On the 28th of October 2008, the company was awarded first prize in the “World Market Leader” category of the Hessen-Champions 2008 competition. This was in recognition of its world-leading and outstanding performance in measuring and process technology over 125 years.

The Darmstadt-based company not only feels honoured that it has received this award but warmly welcomes the acknowledgment of a successful development and strengthening of its strategy by the awarding committee.

This year’s “Hessen-Champions” competition was the eighth held. It is held to recognise the leading Hessian companies in the areas of research, development and application.

Prizes are awarded in the “World Market Leader” and “Employment Creation” categories to companies which are world leaders in their industry, or which have created an above-average number of jobs with respect to their size. This year, the special prize “Together in Hesse” was also up for grabs, which awards successful integration of international employees. Altogether 65 Hesse companies took part in the competition with 13 reaching the final.

Second and third places in the “World Market Leader” category went to X-ray equipment manufacturer Smiths Heiman in Wiesbaden and to Software in Darmstadt. The prizes in the “Employment Creation” category went to R+S Solutions Holding in Fulda and Isabellenhütte Heusler in Dillenburg. ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main was pleased to receive the special prize.