Esterel Technologies, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is proud to announce that the latest release of the proven KCG™ Code Generator has been certified by TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH up to safety integrity level (SIL) 3/4 under EN 50128 and SIL 3 under IEC 61508.

This certification provides further evidence that Esterel Technologies continues to be the leading provider of software development tools and services in safety-critical application development for rail, industrial and automotive systems.

This latest certification validates the quality and dependability of Esterel Technologies’ code generator, as it is applied to safety-critical software applications under EN and IEC standards. The KCG code generator is a component of the SCADE Suite™ model-based development environment that provides certified automatic code generation derived from SCADE Suite graphical models.

These graphical models are developed by system and software engineers to describe the functionality and behaviour of control applications in the safety-critical domain. SCADE Suite supports the complete safety-critical development lifecycle with links to requirements management and traceability tools, documentation generation, configuration management and verification tools. KCG, optimised for safety-critical application development, provides adaptors to commercial real-time operating systems. With KCG, SCADE Suite completes the development and deployment tool chain for safety-critical embedded applications.

Developers of critical embedded applications can mitigate project risk and expedite time-to-deployment by combining model-based development with certified code generation technology. By raising the level of abstraction, model-based development with SCADE Suite gives developers the ability to quickly analyse and design solutions to their critical problems at the graphical level. SCADE Suite graphical models are easily understood and shared by all team members.

Static model construction checks and verification ensure that the models have been constructed properly whereas the KCG Code Generator automatically assures that the model is translated into high quality, dependable, safety-critical applications. SCADE Suite and KCG, integrated in the development flow, improve product quality and developer productivity.

Esterel’s SCADE family of products and services, including SCADE Suite and SCADE Display™ are focused solely on the design, development, deployment, and verification of safety-critical embedded control and embedded graphics display applications respectively. Esterel solutions expedite the time-to-certification in those domains where it is required and shortens the time-to-deployment and verification in all domains.

Eric Bantegnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies, said: “Our investment in providing the highest quality products and services to our clients continues. KCG is a clear differentiating technology for both our SCADE family of products and for our customers in the safety-critical domain.

“KCG provides customers with tremendous productivity gains during the implementation phase while also mitigating project risk. KCG offers significant business benefits to customers and this latest certification shows our continuing commitment to further advancements in code generation optimisation for the safety-critical domain.”