Even better performance in day-to-day practice with the new kinematic tool for rail surveying systems GRP1000 and GRP3000 from Amberg Technologies. GRPwin KINEMATIC is the new GRP software module for powerful track surveying using the GRP1000 and GRP3000 system solutions.

With the new GRPwin KINEMATIC software module the well proven GRP System FX now provides an option for a faster, dynamic track survey, on top of its already acknowledged system quality and reliability. Typical applications of the GRP kinematic solution include surveying in track construction and maintenance, track geometry surveying and route documentation.

Advantages include:

  • 3x higher surveying performance compared to the stop and go mode
  • Shorter track occupation times
  • Lower costs per kilometre of track surveyed
  • Profit from shorter track occupancy times leading to less interruptions in operations and faster project completion.

Depending on the application the GRPwin KINEMATIC allows kinematic surveying at regular intervals, as well as highly precise surveying at selected stations in the stop and go mode.