TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID technologies for access control, asset management and rail applications, has announced that it has received an initial order for a significant asset management related installation. The order was secured from a highly specialised, globally operating German producer of advanced chemical instruments and solutions. There will be 10,000 TM802 series customised Pharos tags installed to indicate status and store information of high-value and critical industrial supplies.

The order will use products from the new TagMaster RFIDS™ product range for asset management and environmental monitoring. The Pharos tag is an active RFID tag which incorporates a light indicator and optionally an audio indicator which can be used for item level pick-to-light applications and to show sensor and / or time triggered status alerts. The tag has a radio range of up to 80m and makes use of a high security protocol in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Item level pick-to-light is used for finding objects quickly and to eliminate picking errors. They’re also used for showing expiry status, confirmations and item maturity. Additionally the tags store up to 30Kb of operation critical information relating to the asset, which can be retrieved off-line using handheld readers.

The order also covers the initial supply of 40 TagMaster TM702 series Celebes RFID readers which include connectivity via Ethernet LAN networks and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The readers are configured to pick up status from the Pharos tags and for tag configurations over-the-air (OTA) using TagMaster’s secure protocol.

Bo Tiderman, CEO of TagMaster, says: "This is a major breakthrough for TagMaster’s new asset management technologies and takes advantage of advanced tag features such as the tag’s calendar-function and status indication features. The customer has indicated additional orders are expected throughout 2012 and 2013 for the same project and products."

The TM802 and TM702 devices form part of TagMaster’s new RFIDS product family for asset management and environmental monitoring and complement TagMaster’s existing RFID portfolios in access / AVI and rail transportation. TagMaster’s RFID and RFIDS technologies are already used in a large number of successful installations around the world.