The HVI 3KR-3U4 series of high-input voltage, railway DC / DC converters employ field proven design topology to deliver 3kW output power. The units accept 750VDC input voltage (525V to 975VDC range), the traction voltage required for mass transit vehicles and mining locomotives. They provide 24V, 36V, 48V or 110VDC, with other output voltages available on request. The series is designed to meet EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock.

The converters are built with three internal power modules operating parallel via redundancy diodes. This construction provides internal redundancy: if one internal module fails, the unit will continue to function as a 2kW redundant power supply.

The HVI 3KR-3U4 units are fan-cooled and rated for operation over a -25°C to 55°C temperature range for full specification without derating. All heat generating components are installed on aluminum heatsink blocks, which are thermally connected to the internal heatsink plate. This also contributes to mechanical ruggedness. Internal printed circuit boards are conformal coated to ensure immunity to moisture and airborne contaminants.

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