ABSOPULSE Electronics has released the CSH-400-F6 series of heavy-duty, high-input voltage DC-AC sine wave inverters. The units use microprocessor controlled, high frequency PWM technology to deliver 400VA pure sinewave output voltage. They convert 600VDC input voltage (450V to 800V operating range) to an isolated sine wave output of 115VAC continuous at 60Hz or 400Hz, or 230VAC continuous at 50Hz. The design topology allows for input voltages of up to 1,200VDC.

The inverters are suitable for applications that require clean sine wave AC-output voltage including transportation, industrial automation and control, power plants and electrical utilities.

The high frequency conversion enables high efficiency, compact construction of 210mm x 64mm x 365mm and low weight. The inverters are cooled by conduction via baseplate and by natural convection through the cooling slots. The internal boards are conformal coated to provide protection against humidity and airborne contaminants. The units are typically chassis mounted.

The input meets EN55022 Class A with wide margins, with Class B available on request. Electronic protection includes input surge clamping, overload and short circuit protection, as well as thermal shutdown with automatic recovery. Large design headroom and the exclusive use of components with established reliability contribute to a high MTBF.

Please contact ABSOPULSE Electronics for custom options, pricing and delivery.