ABSOPULSE Electronics has released the LQC 2K-3U2LC, a liquid cooled, industrial quality DC-DC converter that uses field-proven technology to deliver up to 2,000W output power.

The unit accepts an input of 600Vdc (400Vdc to 800Vdc range) and provides 24Vdc/80A output voltage. A built-in output separation diode allows parallel connection of several units for higher system output. Custom input/output voltages are also available.

The LQC 2K-3U2LC liquid cooled converter is designed for dense enclosed spaces where heatsinks, fan or pure convection cooling are not feasible. The unit is typically used in vehicles, industrial automation and similar heavy-duty applications.

The LQC 2K-3U2LC is cooled entirely by liquid coolant. The cold plate has an embedded tube running a loop of coolant liquid, which ensures a -25ºC to 50ºC coolant temperature range for full specification. The unit is connected to the external customer cooling system, which provides the liquid coolant. Optional internal temperature sensors can be installed to monitor the liquid coolant temperature.

The LQC 2K-3U2LC is equipped with heavy filtering on the input and output, which contributes to low noise. This ensures that the converters can be used in EMI sensitive environments without additional filtering. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins. Class B is available as an option.

Please contact the company for further information on this and similar designs, for pricing and delivery.