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Lantech has a rich history of working with internet protocol (IP) ethernet products, offering network solutions for industrial and IP networks to the marketplace. Lantech switches are successfully deployed in train applications across Japan, Thailand and Korea.

Switches for rolling stock applications

Lantech EN50155 series switches feature M12 connectors and rugged IP41/54/67 protection that is especially designed for rolling stock applications. Fully compliant with IEEE802.3af power over ethernet (PoE) standard, Lantech PoE rolling stock switches can feed 15.4W per PoE port on devices that include entertainment systems, digital displays and wireless APs via an ethernet cable.

Built-in power over ethernet technology

Lantech provides several products with PoE functions to connect with various rail facilities, including monitoring control systems, wireless networks and surveillances. Lantech PoE switches can easily extend an existing ethernet network infrastructure by powering IP phones, wireless AP, IP CAM, as well as devices where it is difficult to locate the power outlet. This allows every on-board passenger to easily access the latest information non-stop, via stable and sustainable networks.

Rolling stock switches with auto bypass function

Some Lantech switches are equipped with a bypass function that has two ethernet ports designated as the bypass path. The bypass function will activate the second switch as soon as it senses power failure. This function is practical for railway network connections because it ensures the ethernet signal continues when power failure occurs.

Fast recovery scheme for network protection

Lantech rolling stock switches support Pro-Ring II, a fast network recovery scheme that takes less than ten minutes for up to 250 switches in a ring. Pro-Ring II eliminates the need to pre-set the master switch for Lantech-managed industrial switches, while protecting the network with secure topologies.

When enabling the Pro-Ring II topology, the last connected switch will act automatically as the ring master. The ring chain reduces the risk of a master switch link down and the setup becomes much easier. Sometimes train carriages will be changed and Pro-Ring II can be necessary to prevent breaking down the network in other carriages.

Through the Pro-Ring II system, in-train amenity can be protected when it is connected to a sustainable network with controller, CCTV, wireless, VOIP, video stream and ticketing systems.

Rolling stock switches with encrypted network

Wi-Fi hotspots make surfing the internet easy; however, they can also be a dangerous way for hackers to access passengers’ information. With the SSH/SSL scheme operating, information is encrypted and keeps potential hackers away. Lantech rolling stock switches embed the security function, helping the network to become securer and safer.

Rugged railway switch installation

The Lantech IP67 series switch has been designed to work in critical network environments. The IP67 enclosure protects from rainfall, while the M12 connectors secure the connection. Lantech M12 series switches can also be installed by rack mount kits.

Rail vibration and shock testing

Lantech’s IP67/M12 product series for the railway industry has been tested extensively to meet industry standards, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Rigorous mechanical testing has also been undertaken to comply with free fall, shock and vibration stability test requirements, which ensures long-term reliability in critical rail environments.

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