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Amplicon Launches Unique Test System Hardware Service

Amplicon’s new test systems division has been developed to provide system integrators and end-users with the widest range of test system hardware at a price that only a manufacturer and tier-one distributor can offer. PXI, Compact PCI (cPCI), LXI and PC-based systems along with an extensive product integration service provide customers with a finished hardware platform, allowing them to concentrate on their specific area of expertise — typically, the addition of a bespoke test software application.

Test systems product manager, John Hayward, comments: “We have manufactured the components for test systems such as industrial PCs and data-acquisition boards for many years. Despite the decline in UK and European manufacturing we have found substantial demand for the supply of integrated hardware test solutions and we are now responding to that demand.

In a recent application, Amplicon’s PC-based test system provided a saving of over £100,000 compared to in-house development at a major oil and gas instrumentation specialist. It is our position as a manufacturer and tier-one distributor that allows us to supply very cost-competitive solutions. Our major challenge now is to communicate this capability to a fractious and un-ordered market.”

In the current trend of out-sourcing non-critical functions, many companies have reduced knowledge and manpower for implementing new test systems and upgrading existing lines. Power calculations for PC power supply and UPS specifications, selection of appropriate signal conditioning for connection to the myriad sensors and transducers in the market, data transfer limitations of system buses such as PCI and VXI, and advanced triggering and synchronisation for time-dependent measurements need to be considered when designing a suitable test system solution.

Amplicon’s CEO, Gina Citroni, comments: “By providing free technical consultancy and exceptional prices for our test systems, Amplicon hope to do our bit to help keep UK manufacturing alive.”

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