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Amplicon Launches ATOM-Based Embedded Computers

Amplicon has recently launched the Impact-E 30 series of ATOM-based embedded computers, adding new innovation to Amplicon’s existing industrial PC range.

Features of the Impact-E 30 series include:

  • Extremely low power, only 11W (idle) with Windows XP installed
  • Capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C to +50°C
  • Very rugged design with industrial-grade power supply and chassis
  • Six COM ports and dual-gigabit LAN as standard
  • PCI and PCI Express expansion slots for third-party plug-in cards

The Impact-E 30 series are next-generation embedded computer systems that utilise the ATOM N270 processor to achieve high performance at very low power consumption – typically around 11W with Windows XP Professional installed. With such low power requirements, it is feasible to power these systems from a solar panel or battery.

The total energy saving of Amplicon’s ATOM solution in large roll-outs can be huge compared with typical consumption of a Core 2 Duo system — this means reduced costs for the end user and green kudos for the system integrator or OEM.

The other key feature facilitated by an ATOM processor is the wide -20°C to +50°C operating temperature, making in-vehicle and roadside or trackside applications a possibility. Most PCs capable of running Windows XP cannot achieve such wide temperature ranges, making the Impact-E30/35 especially appealing for military projects.

Impact-E 30 has a PCI expansion slot and Impact-E 35 has a PCI Express expansion slot, allowing third-party cards to be added to the system. Both products have a rugged fanless design with dual gigabit LAN, four RS232, two RS232/422/485 selectable ports and six USB 2.0 ports. The units also have dual video output with one VGA and one DVI-D as well as eight digital I/O lines on-board.

Early prototype orders for the system will see the Impact-E 30 employed in power monitoring and digital signage applications, with interest also emerging from rail integrators and military customers.

David Evans, product development manager at Amplicon, comments: “We have witnessed a great rush over the last year for Industrial PC suppliers to get an ATOM based computer to market. Although we are not first to market, the additional time has allowed us to deliver an impressive product at an exceptional price.

We are confident that customers will be delighted by the build quality and technical features of this industrial product and amazed when they find that prices start at under £500 for volume orders.”

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