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Amplicon Introduces New Active Ethernet I/O Module

The new ioLogik W5340 Active Ethernet I/O module uses quad-band GPRS for communication over the mobile telephone network from anywhere in the world. It can monitor both analogue and digital signals from instruments and switches, while control is provided by relays or digital outputs. I/O can be controlled remotely by any SCADA system using Modbus TCP or OPC.

The W5340 uses active messaging to send alarms or other messages when water levels or similar limits are exceeded. ‘Click ‘n’ Go’ logic provides local PLC-like control, which is particularly useful if and when the local GPRS signal is lost.

John Hayward, product manager for measurement and control at Amplicon, commented: “The combination of active remote I/O and a GPRS router in one package will enable our customers to save purchase costs and reduce cabinet size. It is a very innovative product with an in-built solution for dealing with SIM cards that only have a private, static IP address.”

Modern cellular networks have a high level of reliability but are not infallible. Because of this, the W5340 has a built in SD card than can store up to 14 days’ worth of readings should the wireless network fail. Once the link is restored data can continue to be streamed from the unit.

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