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Amplicon Sells First 6KL Industrial Ethernet Switch in Europe

Amplicon’s data communications group has recently sold the very first 6KL industrial Ethernet switch in Europe. The 6KL, codenamed ‘London’, is Garrettcom’s most competitive industrial Ethernet switch ever and a sign that truly rugged industrial Ethernet products are now even more affordable.

The 6KL is one of the lowest-cost modular industrial Ethernet switches available on the market. Modularity means system integrators and OEMs can settle on one style of switch for a wide variety of applications keeping installer training and spares provision simple and cost-effective. 

The compact 6KL base unit comes as standard with four 10Mb / 100Mb copper ports, which can be specified as either regular or power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. Users can add up to four 100Mb fibre ports (for either single-mode or multi-mode operation) or up to four additional 10Mb / 100Mb copper ports (which again can be PoE ports), or combinations of the two. In addition to these eight ports, users can specify up to two gigabit (Gb) ports, configured either as SFP ports or as 10Mb / 100Mb /1,000Mb copper ports.

David Evans, product development manager at Amplicon, commented: “Garrettcom have always been synonymous with quality but have not always met the right price point for cost-sensitive applications in the building controls or security markets. As Garrettcom’s premier distributor in the UK, the 6KL gives us a truly industrial grade product that is not only flexible but lists at a very attractive price.”

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