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High Performance Rail Approved Computing

Amplicon’s industrial computer division has announced the release of two rail certified rackmount computers. Both fully certified to EN50121-4:2006 and based on Amplicon’s latest generation of Intel Core i7 high performance hardware.

Over the past few decades, computers have made their way into almost every aspect of our lives, many of which work quietly behind the scenes powering the services we have come to depend on. However, putting a computer system where it is required is not always a simple process. Within the rail industry this is particularly the case as additional certifications are required for systems to be used at close proximity of the track.

Finding modern high performance computer systems approved for this use can often be a very difficult and costly process. Amplicon has recently announced the release the Impact-R RAIL range; EN50121-4:2006 certified rackmount computers. These have been independently tested by TUV Product services. The standard itself relates to railway application electromagnetic compatibility, emissions and immunity of signalling and telecommunications apparatus, a requirement for systems operating up to 3M of the track itself.

The systems are based on Intel’s latest Core i5 and i7 processors and combine both ground breaking performance, with rail industry compliance, housed in a rugged 19″ rackmount industrial grade enclosure.

Featuring iAMT 6.0 the systems can be remotely controlled over a network, allowing them to be fully managed, or even power cycled, from a remote networked location, further diversifying the possible locations where the Impact-R rail system could be installed.

The systems are therefore ideal for trackside rail applications, such as monitoring, communication and passenger information systems.
Impact-R RAIL computers are available in two variants, the first of which is a compact 2U system, featuring a dual Core i5 processor with four hot swappable hard disk bays, the other a 4U system, featuring a higher performance quad Core i7 processor and dual redundant power supply.

Richard Munson Amplicon’s UK sales manager said: “The new Impact-R RAIL systems are an excellent addition to Amplicon’s Impact-R range of industrial computers, and bring cost effective, high performance computing to the rail industry.”

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