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On the Move with Industrial Ethernet from Amplicon

Amplicon has released the 6KM industrial Ethernet switch, the latest addition to its GarrettCOM industrial-grade Magnum™ range of switches.

The 6KM is designed to provide reliable Ethernet network connectivity on-board locations, such as railroad carriages, public service and emergency vehicles. Possible applications are wide-ranging and include in-carriage networking of IP-enabled infotainment systems, security surveillance systems and mobile command centres.

The innovative design of the 6KM features M12-type heavy-duty port connectors, technology borrowed from military equipment that is designed to stand up to mobile vibration.

Modular based configuration allows for a wide choice of Ethernet ports. The base unit has four 10/100 copper ports built in, whilst optional modules allow you to expand up to ten ports with a choice of copper, fibre, PoE and Gb. Power options include 110V for railways, 12V, 24V, 48V, 125V, 250V DC and 100VAC-240VAC with optional dual power inputs for redundancy.

The 6KM’s sealed metal case serves as a heat sink, enabling it to operate in the harshest mobile environments and achieves high EMI noise immunity. The 6KM is available with optional conformal coating for moisture resistance and is rated IP52 for protection against dust and dirt. Certified industry approvals and standards encompass EMC, shock and vibration requirements as well as EN50155/50121 and NEEMA TS-2 compliance for railway and traffic applications.

MNS-6K managed network software is pre-loaded providing the security, monitoring, redundancy and configuration required for most applications. Further software features are also available as optional upgrades.

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