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Daisy-Chaining Ethernet I/O Cuts Costs in Remote Monitoring

Amplicon’s new Ethernet I/O range delivers major cost savings to customers that want to monitor and control devices over an IP network. The Moxa ioLogik E1200 series have an Ethernet switch built-in and are priced as one of the most cost-effective new ranges of remote I/O products on the market today.

Engineers that have used RS485 wiring on serial networks are familiar with daisy-chain connections between remote I/O devices, but Ethernet I/O typically requires one or more switches to build a network. The inclusion of a built-in switch in the ioLogik E1200 series removes a significant additional expense and keeps wiring schemes very simple.

Suitable for new or existing installations, the ioLogik E1200 series features user-defined Modbus TCP/IP addressing for easy replacement of existing devices. These systems also include support for the unique Active OPC server software, which is available free of charge for up to 250 tags. The following variants are now available:

  • ioLogik E1210 – 16 digital-input channels
  • ioLogik E1211 – 16 digital-output channels
  • channelsioLogik E1212 – eight digital-inputs and eight digital
  • ioLogik E1214 – six digital inputs and six relays
  • ioLogik E1240 – eight analogue inputs

John Hayward, product manager for measurement and control at Amplicon, commented: “In a market populated with products that offer little to distinguish one from another, the new ioLogik E1200 series delivers a step change in functionality. The inclusion of an integral Ethernet switch makes installation much easier and significantly reduces the total project cost.”

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