Australia-based Austact manufactures and installs a comprehensive range of superior tactile ground surface indicators. These products form part of the required provisions to satisfy the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Our tactile products enable people with sight impairments to navigate a safe pedestrian walkway. We often refer to tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI) as ‘Braille for your feet’.

The Austact range of products and services has been tried and tested in all corners of the globe and consistently outperforms alternative products. With the best materials and uncompromising designs, these products have been installed on railway platforms from -20ºC to 50ºC with outstanding performance and lifespan results.

Design and manufacture

From the initial concept to the product installed at your public site, Austact takes great pride in knowing that the design, workmanship and materials will perform for many years to come. This uncompromising approach has seen Austact evolve from a manufacturer to develop and implement special purpose machinery and processes to facilitate the installation of the products as efficiently as possible.

Austact’s manufacturing facility consists of some 2,000m² and boasts a modern CNC equipped tool room, a diverse injection moulding capability and comprehensive metal fabrication departments.

Austact tactile indicator: UK profile carborundum infill.
Austact's tactile surface improves pedestrian surfaces during snow and ice conditions at a station in Scotland, UK.
Drilling process in Scotland, UK.
Sydney Station with Austact's tactile indicators.
Melbourne Station with Austact's tactile indicators.

Tactile ground surface indicators

A TGSI is a very simple product; it is a raised dot on the ground, but it has to stay there and be trodden on every day, in varying climatic conditions, it can never be slippery, and must stay fastened to the ground. It must satisfy all of the above and yet in today’s financial environment, it must be economical.

There are many TGSI products in the market. Austact has considered the ‘whole life cost’ and we know that our investment into materials, design and workmanship satisfies all the requirements. There are many products that do not meet the requirements after six months of pedestrian traffic. The Austact carborundum infill product range provides an R13 slip rating year after year.

TGSI for railway platforms

Austact has installed TGSI on many railway platforms. These installations have been predominately into asphalt, but also include concrete, tiles, pavers and rubber. In all substrates, an 8mm diameter hole is drilled to a depth of approximately 30mm. In asphalt, this hole is then sealed with a bitumen sealer to prevent water from penetrating through the asphalt into the sub material. This sealing is critical to the life of the asphalt.

The individual ‘tactile stud’ is then installed into the drilled hole. With our patented stud, it will take up to 80kg of vertical force to remove. The tactile fastening stud also has an incorporated sealing ring to assist with preventing water penetration.

This whole process is normally performed under ‘live’ conditions as all work is performed at least 750mm from the coping edge. In a single eight-hour shift with six men, it is expected that at least 80m of platform be installed.

Tactile guidance products

The Austact range of tactile guidance products includes:

Australian Standard:

  • Discrete hazard indicator (single stud)
  • Directional indicator

EU Standard (UK):

  • Discrete blister (single stud)
  • Corduroy
  • Lozenge


  • Polyurethane
  • Polyurethane with carborundum infill
  • Stainless steel (316)
  • Stainless steel (316) with carborundum infill

Austact International

Austact UK is based in the south of the UK and is positioned to service the rail industry within the UK and Europe. Austact UK has formed an allied partnership with QTS Group in Scotland to enable a complete service and stockist of all the Austact tactile products to meet your requirements.

We at Austact are keen to service your needs wherever your location. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.