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Euralitest and Railway Test Agency Announce Brake Particle Emissions Workshop

On 26 March 2020, Eurailtest and the Railway Test Agency will be jointly hosting a workshop on the subject of brake particle emissions.

Understanding air pollution in underground railway enclosures (EFS) is today a major challenge to be able to reduce it. The Railway Test Agency (AEF) has developed tests in collaboration with Rolling Stock Engineering Centre (CIM) to quantify and analyse the pollution emitted by brake systems such as packing material, discs, soles or wheels.

During this technical workshop, experts in the field of air quality and bench brake testing will present their work and services for measuring and analysing particle emissions.

The day will begin with a presentation of the regulations and systems to monitor air quality in underground railway enclosures. The meeting will continue with the participation of bench brake testing experts. The focus will be on measuring and analysing emissions related to braking. All presentations will be illustrated by visits and demonstrations of the test benches and measuring devices.

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