TRB Collaborating with Hitachi on Major UK Rail Projects

HI32 Hitachi Europe – Intercity Express Cab and carriage mock-up. DCA built this mock-up at one of their locations in Warwick, UK, to test their interior design. It took about 5 to 6 months to build and was an essential part of the design sign-off. DCA were responsible for all aspects of the interior design and ergonomics. These images are of the final mock-up taken just before sign-off in April 2014. The mock-up also included the cab exterior and partial carriage exterior, although these elements were not designed by DCA. RB 20.07.09 Train, rail, railway, carriage, cab, interior, inside, ergonomic, prototype, mock-up, model, mock up, mockup, 1st Class, 2nd class, first class, second class