Advanced IT Solutions for Security Services

Advanced IT solutions have an important role in the everyday performance of security services and armed forces.

Our experience in the creation of scalable architectures and resilient operations, combined with controlled functionality and access to data, makes CRITICAL Software a natural partner for clients with demanding requirements in this sector.

EyeCommand is a command and control (C4I) suite that gives military forces complete information superiority on the battlefield. Fully-compliant with Nato standards and designed in conjunction with military experts, EyeCommand provides enhanced situational awareness across all levels of the command chain, providing a common operational picture that enables faster and better decisions in the heat of battle.

EyeCommand is made up of three unique, integrated and scalable platforms. Military organisations can combine all of these platforms, for maximum strategic effectiveness, or take a one-platform-at-a-time approach to assist with their tactical operations.

  • Vantage: Designed for battalion level and above, providing headquarters with command and control, information superiority and communications tools, such as Tactical Data Links and ISTAR capabilities.
  • Battlefront: Designed to support company and platoon levels of the command chain and optimised for use on board vehicles, with extensive support features for infantry, cavalry, artillery and reconnaissance.
  • Groundforce: Simple to use and designed for lightweight devices and small screens, supporting dismounted soldiers engaged in operations.

With EyeCommand, the battlefield is fully-digitised, providing information superiority and an up-to-date picture that’s tailored for each military command level, coalition partner and non-military organisation. Commands can be issued in real-time using an easy-to-use interface that’s been designed in close cooperation with military experts.

The result is fast operational deployment and reaction times and tactical agility that, in the heat of battle, saves lives.

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