Future Rail: Issue 10

Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s plans for Hyperloop, a 760mph travel system, have received much attention, but an alternative system, ET3, is closer to reality. In this future travel special we consider the feasibility of these projects.

We also announce the winner of the Future Rail Awards, explore the role of aerodynamics in the design of rolling stock, profile the world’s fastest trains and look at how stations are evolving to deliver improved passenger experience in light of investment.

Moreover, we consider the challenges in optimising the entire operational process from scheduling and capacity planning to customer satisfaction and safety compliance, and look at an end-to-end ticketing service for rail users’ smartphones.

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In this issue

Satellite Safety
The European Space Agency’s SafeRail study is exploring the use of satellites to reduce the dangers of railway level crossings. Future Rail looks at the initiative, which has won our
Innovations in Safety Award 2013.
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Hyperloop on the Horizon
Hyperloop, the tube transport system proposed by Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder
Elon Musk, has gained worldwide attention. We consider its viability and asks whether it could challenge the rail industry.
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Travelling by Tube
Hyperloop may be a distant prospect, but there is one tube transport technology that is a much closer reality. We talk to ET3’s Daryl Oster about "space travel on earth".
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Resistance is Futile
Advanced aerodynamic design is a decisive factor in improving the energy efficiency of locomotives and rolling stock. We analyse Union Pacific’s new Arrowedge technology.
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Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World
Europe and Asia currently operate the fastest high speed trains in the world, where some trains have a maximum operational speed of up to 430kmph. Future Rail lists the top ten fastest trains currently in service.
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The Italian Job
NTV, Italy’s first private operator on the country’s high-speed rail network, employs integrated fleet and workforce planning software to optimise operational resources. We get the inside track on strategic planning.
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All Aboard
With the recent government announcement of a programme of investment, Malcolm Stamper, marketing manager at SAS International, looks at how stations are evolving to deliver improved passenger experience.
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The Ticketing Revolution
As smartphone usage increases and ticket sales are booming, we speak to Ben Whitaker, founder and CEO of Masabi, about the nuts and bolts of the company’s cloud-based mobile ticketing and fare collection.
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Next issue preview

A surge of infrastructure development is underway in the Gulf Coast Countries, led by a $200bn, 2,200km railway line project and the construction of metros in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. We take a look at the ambitious plans and ask what effect the 2022 Qatar World Cup will have on the projects.

We also ask if the US could see a revolution in rail travel as several high-speed projects kick off around the country, investigate what it will take to revive Manila’s outdated light rail transit network, and take a look at renewed interest in tram trains in the UK.

Moreover, we ask how predictive maintenance with fibre optic sensors has improved safety on a high-speed commuter line in Hong Kong, and find out how biometric technology can help with onsite time and attendance tracking in railway construction projects.

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