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Wheels, Axles, Bogies and Wagons for the Railway Industry

14 Aug 2019

Railteco Rolling Stock Parts

Jiangsu Railteco Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer focusing on rail transportation equipment products. Railteco is principally engaged in the design, production, maintenance, sales and service of railway equipment products…

04 Oct 2017

Rolling-Stock Parts Introduction

Jiangsu Railteco Equipment is a manufacturer of rail transportation equipment products.The company is principally engaged in the design, production, maintenance, and sales and service of railway equipment products such as…

17 Jan 2018

Railway Axles

Railteco provides three main types of railway axles for locomotives, wagons and passenger cars. Locomotive Axles The locomotive axle type is larger than an ordinary axle as it has a larger…

14 May 2018

Type A Wheelset Press-Fitting Machine

Railteco’s Type A Wheelset Press-Fitting (Mounting, Assembly or Charging) Machine is used for unloading and assembling wheels, brake discs, and gear wheels. It can be used on passenger cars, wagons, electric multiple units, and…

17 Jan 2018

Railway Wheelsets

Railteco can deliver four types of railway wheelsets for passenger cars, urban rail vehicles, wagons and mine cars. Passenger Car Wheelsets Used for passenger car bogies, the wheelsets come in…

17 Jan 2018

Railway Wheels

Three main types of railway wheels can be manufactured by Railteco. Wagon Wheels Used for the railway wagon bogies, their running speed is up to 120km/h, with heavy wheel load.…

17 Jan 2018

Grain Hopper Wagons

Railteco provides grain hopper wagons that are used to transport goods by rail. Main characteristics The wagon is suitable for carrying bulk goods, such as grain, corn, and soya that…

17 Sep 2018

Wheelset Unloading Machine

Railteco's Wheelset Unloading Machine is suitable for wheels, brake discs and gears from the wheelsets by metre, standard or wide gauge. It can also be used for the anti-pressure test…

28 Aug 2018

Ballast Hopper Wagon

Railteco's self-discharging open hopper wagon is suitable for carrying bulk goods such as ballast and ore. Wagon unloading is done via two left doors, two right doors and two centre doors.…

07 Aug 2018

Phosphoric Acid Tank Wagon

Railteco's Phosphoric Acid Tank Wagon is specially designed and manufactured to transport phosphoric acid. Loading hatches are covered with a manhole cover, unloading hatches are equipped with one 5in internal…

25 Jun 2018

WY2 Rolling Bearing Press-Fitting Machine

Railteco's WY2 Rolling Bearing Press-Fitting Machine is designed for non-axle box rolling bearing press fitting for railway freight vehicle wheelsets. It is controlled by a computer that can automatically generate press-fitting curve and…