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Advanced Lighting Systems for Rail Vehicles

Air Conditioning Systems

Aluminium Air-Pressure Tanks and Complete Window Systems

Automatic and Semi-Permanent Couplers

Automatic Train and Vehicle Weighing Systems

Axles, Wheels, Wheelsets and Bogies Machining

Collaboration Software for Rail Projects

Commercial Floor Coverings for the Rail Industry

Complete Rolling Stock Development Technology

Compressed Air Railway Brakes

Concrete Railway Sleepers / Ties

Couplings for Railway and Traffic Engineering

Digital Training and Communications for the Railway Industry

Disk Brake Pads and Brake Block Design and Materials for Railways

Dry-Type Transformers, Inductors and Filters

Electrical Rail Cable Connectors and Signal Bonds

Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies for Railways

Energy and Communications Cables for the Railway Industry

Ethernet Train Backbone Networks and Ruggedized Electronic Devices

Fire Protection Solutions for Rolling Stock

Fire Safety Engineering for Stations and Tunnels

Flexible Electric Heaters for the Rail Industry

Full-Service Leasing of Maintenance of Way Equipment

Gangways and Bellows for Railway Vehicles

GPS Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

Ground Stabilisation and Soil Reinforcement Solutions

HVAC Equipment for Railway Vehicles

Innovative Power System Testing Solutions

Insulation for Rail Passenger Vehicles

InterClean Train Wash Systems and Locomotive Washers

LED Lighting Systems for Passenger Trains

Master Controllers and Joysticks

Non-Hazardous Surface Cleaners, Graffiti Removers and Degreasers for Trains

nora® Rubber Floors for Public Transport

Platform Announcement, Voice Alarm and Microphone Systems

Power Supply Systems for Fixed Railway Installations

Power System Stability for Rail Infrastructure and Systems

Power Systems for the Railway Industry

Radio Communication Systems

Rail and Train Connectors

Rail Cable Harnesses and Electromechanical Modules

Rail Car Cleaning Systems

Rail Fastening Systems

Rail Fastening Systems and Base Plate Pads

Rail Industry Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Rail Planning and Optimisation

Rail Traffic Signalling Systems and Solutions

Railway Axles Manufacture

Railway Engineering Services

Railway Measurement Systems for High-Speed Inspection Trains

Railway Surveying Solutions

Railway Trackside Signal Housing Solutions