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22 September 2017
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Absopulse - Railway DC/DC Power Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies and Battery Chargers, DC/AC Sine-wave Inverters, AC/AC Frequency Converters

GRAW - Electronic Track Gauges and Rolling Stock Measurement

Birley Manufacturing - Rail Interior Solutions and Toilet Modules for Train Passengers

Vecow - Fanless Embedded Systems for Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Phooltas Transrail - Track and Permanent Way Machines

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Press Releases

ISC Applied Systems to Exhibit at APTA EXPO in Atlanta, US
ISC Applied Systems will be exhibiting at APTA EXPO, taking place from 9-11 October 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

Blaschke Umwelttechnik is Exhibiting at the APTA Expo 2017 Event in Atlanta, US
Blaschke are first time exhibitors at APTA Expo within the German Pavilion and look forward to catching up with colleagues old and new this year, to bring them up to date with their latest innovations.

Piled Embankments Provide Stability to First Link of Moroccan High-Speed Train Line
The high-speed train railway connecting Kenitra to Tanger in northern Morocco has a length of 200km. It forms the first link in a significant rail line improvement project under construction to provide the country by 2030 with 1,500km of high-speed railway lines.

Bel Power Solutions Announces New SLDM Tunable Loop™ Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter
Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) and premier global manufacturer of power management devices, announces the new SLDM Tunable Loop™ SLDM-06D1Ax and SLDM-12D1Ax modules, which are ultra-low profile, non-isolated DC-DC converters that deliver up to 6A and 12A with maximum flexibility of being mounted on the top side or bottom side of the host PCB.

ScotRail to Trial 'Fastest On-Train Wi-Fi Service in the World'
Passengers on the Edinburgh-Glasgow train route will soon be able to experience "Super-fast" on-board WiFi. According to reports in The Scotsman newspaper, Cisco is spearheading a project that will boost wireless connection speeds by a factor of ten to 300Mbps. This step-up in speed is being enabled by adding new wireless masts and technology supplied by Fluidmesh along the route.

White Papers

CBTC Connectivity Solutions
The overall performance of a rail rapid transit system depends largely on the performance of the automatic train control (ATC) system employed. A communication-based train control (CBTC) system...

On-Board Service for Railway Maintenance Machines
Over the years, m2 railgroup has developed an evolutionary process of growth focusing on the guiding principles established since the foundation of the company, which are: impartiality,...

Railway Power Resistors
A list of products available from Fairfild, including their application areas and main characteristics....

ERTMS and CBTC Side By Side: A Comparison of State-of-the-art Rail Traffic Management Systems
There is a well-defined separation between the systems that are being used in Mass Transit networks and the ones being used for Mainline. However, each of these systems has the necessary...

High Availability of Modern Train Detection Systems using Intelligent Functions
Research and development in the field of signalling is faced with the challenge of providing cost-effective solutions for high availability of safety-relevant systems....


Future Rail: Issue 54
In this issue: Thailand’s link to China, Stockholm’s landscape bridge, an air-propelled prototype, breathing in London’s underground, drone-based surveying, riding the Mail Rail, and more

Rail’s most striking wildlife corridors
In the last six months, two new rail projects in Sweden and Kenya have been notable for their incorporation of wildlife corridors. Ross Davies takes a closer look at their impact.

Flight Rail: a new type of train?
For over 20 years, American engineer Max Schlienger has worked on a new type of high-speed rail system, propelled by air pressure. The train can be seen in action today in Schlienger’s backyard, where a 1:6 scale model demonstrates the system’s green credentials. But could the technology ever make its way out of this small Californian city and into the global commercial sector?

Autumn is coming: How TfL is waging war against leaves on railway tracks
After wet leaves caused chaos on London's Piccadilly Line in November 2016, TfL has introduced new measures to prevent delays this autumn. Joe Baker investigates.

Is the air on London Underground fit to breathe?
Various studies in recent years have showed that London’s commuters could be exposed to dangerous levels of bacteria, particulate matter and nanodust particles on the underground system. In June, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched a new plan to improve air quality on the London Underground, including more testing, cleaning and better information for passengers.


Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Link
The 508km Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed link will be India's maiden high-speed rail project. It is part of the 650km Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad line, one of the six high-speed corridors identified for implementation in the country.

High Capacity Metro Trains Project, Victoria
The High Capacity Metro Trains project involves the manufacturing of 65 new high-capacity trains as part of Victoria Government's rolling stock strategy in Australia.

New Generation Rollingstock Project, Queensland
The New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) project is an A$4.4bn ($4.1bn) project aimed at adding 75 six-car trains to the rail network in South East Queensland, Australia, by 2018.

Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Rail Line
The 770km-long Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail line will connect the two large Russian cities of Moscow and Kazan.

Ottawa Light Rail Transit (LRT) Stage 2, Ontario
Stage-2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a proposed light rail extension to the under-construction Confederation Line, which is the first stage of the new LRT system in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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