Deals this week: Italdesign, Ranken Railway Construction Group, Siemens

CRRC Guangzhou Electric Locomotive has appointed Italdesign to develop a new tram for Guangzhou, China.

The tram will reflect Cantonese traditions and culture. It will the first metropolitan tram designed by CRRC and delivered in 2019.

The new tram will be a 70% low vehicle, making it easy for prams and wheelchairs to board the vehicle effortlessly.

Ranken Railway Construction Group has been awarded $45m of infrastructure contracts in China by Ranken Railway Construction Group.

The contracts include a civil engineering contract for the Ningbo Rail Transit Line and a consultancy contract to provide design consultancy works for the second phase of Taiyuan City’s Metro Line 2.

The contractor has also secured other project works such as inspection and construction works for a part of the Chengdu Metro Line No 17, as well as a section of Hefei Rail Transit Line No 5.

Siemens has secured a contract from DB Cargo for the installation of condition-based predictive maintenance systems onboard its locomotive fleet.

"Funding of $5.6bn has been announced by the New York State for the transformation of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter rail system in New York, US."

The six-year contract includes installation of necessary telemetric systems on 152 Series Eurosprinter ES64F trains, as well as 170 and 191 series Vectron locomotives.

Telemetric systems will continuously gather data related to the locomotive’s condition, which will be used by staff at Siemens’ Mobility Data Services Centre to develop identified applications and data analytics models in collaboration with DB Cargo. 

Beacon Rail Leasing has announced the acquisition of a fleet of Bombardier Class 220 and Class 221 Voyager diesel-electric multiple units from subsidiaries of Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Beacon has acquired a complete fleet of 352 vehicles across 78 sets of four and five-vehicle formations, which enables it to expand in the UK passenger train franchise market.

Funding of $5.6bn has been announced by the New York State for the transformation of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter rail system in New York, US.

The transformation project will see development of new tracks, Jamaica Station reconstruction, construction of Hudson Tunnel and rehabilitation of the existing tubes, renovation of 39 stations along the network, and the elimination of several grade crossings.