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Lat-Lon provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions worldwide for assets with cellular and satellite connectivity. Logging hundreds of millions of miles under some of the harshest environmental and operating conditions, our equipment has demonstrated consistent, outstanding performance in the field.

Devices are available for both powered and non-powered applications, and many types of sensors are available to monitor rail cars and locomotives. Our wireless Solar Powered Unit is simple to install and easy to maintain, thus you can interchange units by shipment and be assured that Lat-Lon hardware can go any distance. Real-time data can be viewed using Lat-Lon's web-based fleet management reporting and mapping tools with a browser and internet connection.

Solar-powered GPS unit

Lat-Lon's self-contained solar-powered GPS units are used on a variety of assets due to their quick and easy installation, low maintenance, and nominal total cost of ownership. Dual integrated solar panels constantly regenerate with direct or indirect sunlight, thus our tracking and monitoring unit allows you to focus on your priorities, not batteries.

The Solar Tracking Units know if they are stopped or in motion. When moving, the unit can send location reports up to every ten minutes. Alarms, including impacts, are sent out in real-time and can be sent to email or text directly to your cell phone. The Solar Tracking Unit doesn't have to conserve power like battery systems and can give you better visibility to the how, when and where of your shipment.

Today's fleet manager needs to know the condition and location of their shipments at any given time, and has access on computers, tablets and smart phones with our web-based software.

Lat-Lon's Solar Tracking Unit monitors and protects your shipments by providing critical information through various sensors:

  • Global positioning system (GPS) with speed and course
  • Impact (3 axis readings)
  • Temperature (up to 2 different readings)
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Bearing temperature
  • Camera with motion detection
  • Wireless sensors
  • Hatch / door (open or closed)
  • Handbrake (on or off)

The solar tracking unit features the following:

  • Magnetic mount for easy installation
  • Rugged design for durability
  • External battery option for quick charge after storage
  • 10Hz and 100Hz filtered G values to show the true nature of an impact
  • Elapse time between GPS fix and alarm trigger for precisely locating alarm events
  • Smart control logic for frequent reports when moving
  • Attach to railcars, locomotives, trucks, heavy equipment, or stationary objects for added security

Locomotive monitoring unit (LMU)

Lat-Lon's Locomotive Monitoring Units (LMUs) are being used on Class 1 freight services, shortlines and on passenger rail, to monitor fuel consumption and crew productivity, to increase safety and operate one-man crews, and to provide commuters with up-to-date arrival information.

The LMU monitors parameters, such as location, speed, maximum speed, distance, course, engine run status, Hobbs counter, battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel level, four digital relay inputs and two control relays. With an isolated 74V power supply, specifically designed for locomotives, the LMU is an event-based reporting system (12V to 24V version is also available). It will report when the engine status changes, when the locomotive starts and stops, and whenever a sensor passes a threshold.

Critical information and status updates are available with our RailRider tracking unit, sensors include:

  • Up to 11 digitals and four analog readings
  • Impact
  • Automatic engine start / stop (AESS)
  • Fuel
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Throttle position


Lat-Lon has units that communicate over both the terrestrial GSM/CDMA cellular systems and with the global Orbcomm satellite-based system. Depending on your data requirements, Lat-Lon can tailor the system to suit your needs.

Web-based fleet management tools

Lat-Lon provides a host of web-based fleet management tools to view the data sent from units. Select from standard reports or use the report builder to develop the type of reports you need. Street-level mapping shows detailed locations of units. Aerial views are also available for seeing high-detail actual locations.

If you have your own fleet management system, Lat-Lon can transfer the location data into your system using XML web services.

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2300 S. Jason Street
Denver, CO 80223
United States of America
+1 877 300 6566
+1 303 531 5754

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