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MiniProf Wheel and Rail Profile Measurements

Greenwood Engineering has, for many years, developed patented measuring equipment for the railway industry and produced portable tools for both track and rolling stock.

The MiniProf measuring system is known worldwide and is a simple handheld tool for monitoring the cross sectional profile of wheels, rails and brakes.

The equipment is extremely accurate and is a very efficient tool to reduce maintenance costs. The standard MiniProf instrument can be used on many different types of wheel, rail or brake profiles but it can also be modified to work on special profiles if required. The cost-effective MiniProf equipment is used in both laboratories and in workshops for maintenance.

In the MiniProf software there are many possibilities for further studies and analysis of the wheel, rail and brake profiles.

MiniProf wheel and rail profile measuring system: applications

  • Wheel and rail profiles condition monitoring
  • Optimisation of wheel maintenance
  • Quality control of new or re-profiled wheels
  • Checking rail profiles before and after grinding
  • Quality control of new rails

Studies for optimising wheel-rail contact from the point of:

  • Contact mechanics
  • Wear
  • Steering / curve negotiation

MiniProf Wheel - monitoring of rail wheels

The standard USB MiniProf instrument for wheels can be used on many different types of wheels. The wheel unit is magnetically attached to the wheel and can be used easily from both sides of the wheel.

The wheel instrument has been re-designed and also has new features such as upgradeable circuitry for future improvements such as higher resolution.

The USB instrument will furthermore be able to work with either a laptop or a PDA system in a couple of months. The new PDA system will then ease the use of the MiniProf wheel instrument in the workshop.

MiniProf Rail - monitoring of railway track

The standard MiniProf instrument for rails can be used on many different types of tracks and also on grooved rails. The rail unit is magnetically attached to the top of the railhead and uses the opposite rail as a reference through a telescopic rod.

The rail instrument has been re-designed and is now working with USB. The new USB generation has features for upgradeable circuitry for future improvements (i.e. higher resolution) and the possibility to measure cant, gradient and temperature.

Also, a PDA system will be on the market within a few months, making MiniProf even more user-friendly when operating in the field.

MiniProf Switch - monitoring of rail profiles

The new Switch instrument is designed for monitoring rail profiles in switches and crossings, and can be acquired as an add-on for the standard MiniProf Rail instrument. The switch instrument is magnetically attached to the rails in the switches or crossings. The add-on can be modified so it fits to different switches.

The switch instrument will also be upgraded to USB at the end of this year.

Axle and wheel-mounted MiniProf Brake disc

The MiniProf Brake instruments for axle and wheel-mounted brake discs are brand new types of instrument. Both instruments are magnetically attached to either the wheel flange or on the circumference of the axle-mounted disc.

The instruments can measure taper wear, unsymmetrical wear and total remaining thickness.

An axle-mounted twin-head brake is also available. This instrument consists of two measuring heads which can measure both sides of the axle discs without moving the instrument. This instrument gives a much more accurate relation between the inner and outer disc sides.

MiniProf Twinhead rail and twin-head wheel

The original single-head MiniProf design is expanded to a Twinhead configuration to obtain maximum accuracy when joint profiles are measured simultaneously. The Twinhead system is ideal for interaction studies between wheels and rails.

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