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Railway Control and Signalling Systems

The demand for rail transport capacity and interoperability is increasing world-wide. Trains are faster, more economical, safer and greener compared to aviation, trucking and cars that bring oil dependence and pollution. We at Prover Technology are committed to doing our part in creating a sustainable and safe world with our solutions.

Engineering a safer world

Prover Technology is a world-leading provider of software solutions for the engineering of safety critical systems that control trains, signals and switches. We provide solutions for interlocking design automation that reduce time to market for commissioning of train control systems, with improved safety.

Our company was founded in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, and have subsidiaries in the US and France. We are privately owned by investors and staff, and have customers in more than 25 countries. We are active in railway and signaling industry associations and standardization bodies such as SWERIG and UNIFE, and actively contributing in shaping the train control systems of tomorrow.

Development and V&V of railway control systems

With Prover iLock, a new system is developed, simulated and verified in les than one day. Using world-leading methods for automatically establishing that systems are safe and fully functional, V&V procedures are made highly automatic. As the generic application is reused, savings increase with a higher number of specific applications being developed.

The Prover iLock product suite integrates formal verification with other push-button tools for highly automated development of computerised interlocking systems including:

  • Generation of design, test cases and safety requirements
  • Generation of software code for the target platform
  • Formal  verification of all safety requirements with 100% coverage
  • Functional testing of all test cases, co-simulated with environment models
  • Generation of documentation
  • Generation of test cases for factory testing (FAT), hardware-in-the-loop testing (HIL) and commissioning (SAT) testing

The Prover iLock process is based on a generic application, defined in the formal specification language PiSPEC, which is reused for multiple specific applications.

Safety evidence for CENELEC SIL 4 certification

Prover Certifier provides automatic production of complete safety evidence for CENELEC EN50128 SIL 4 certification. Replacing time-consuming and incomplete safety testing and manual reviews with formal verification, Prover Certifier provides 100% coverage in a fraction of the time required for traditional V&V activities. Prover Certifier is used for ERTMS, CBTC and interlocking systems by different system suppliers and supports several development flows.

Software tools for development of relay-based systems

Prover Extractor checks and extracts information from relay circuit schematics for relay-based interlocking (RBI) systems. Design consistency and conformance to design guidelines can be checked and extracted information can be used for formal verification or simulation of the system. It also offers a relay database for efficient maintenance of relays.

Services for safety assessment and development

The company provides services for training, safety assessment of railway control and signalling systems, and formal specification of railway signalling principles and requirements.

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What’s the Point of Formal Methods? 19 May 2017 Railway signalling systems are surprisingly expensive to produce. Formal methods have emerged as a way to cut costs and increase safety at the same time. Why did this happen, and what have been achieved so far?


Interlocking Design Automation (IDeA) 12 May 2017 This white paper outlines what the challenges and their root causes are in procurement and delivery of modern rail control, and suggests best practice methods for how to overcome these challenges using Interlocking Design Automation (IDeA).