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Rail Signalling Test and Measurement Equipment

MRD Rail Technologies has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of innovative, electronic solutions for global rail applications since 1991. Our products include rail signalling test and measurement equipment, and locomotive control instrumentation and lighting systems.

With one of the most advanced electronics workshops in Australia and a team of specialist engineers focused on product research and development, you can be sure an MRD product is a quality product. Our portfolio includes:

  • Earth leakage detectors
  • RelayPro automated relay testers
  • LoadMate locomotive low-speed controllers
  • TrackScan frequency selective meters
  • Shunt boxes
  • Precision shunts
  • Locomotive instrumentation backlighting
  • Automatic warning systems
  • PulseMate multi-function tachogenerator
  • Next-train information systems

Earth leakage detectors

Despite all the safety built into our electrical rail systems, failures can and do occur. MRD's earth leakage detectors significantly reduce the likelihood of failure or accidents caused by leakage faults.

Earth leakage detectors for batteries

The interlocking circuits in railway signalling are often supplied from a battery in which neither of the poles are connected to earth. In the event of a single fault there is no danger; however, two or more faults occurring at the same time could create a dangerous situation. Therefore, it is vitally important to supervise the battery supply continuously to prevent this from happening, and our earth leakage detectors can achieve this.

Earth leakage detectors for cables and lamp circuits

Cables that run in parallel with AC-electrified railways are subjected to induced voltages. If an earth leakage occurs in the cable, these voltages can disturb devices that are connected to both cables. When earth faults occur in both the supply and return wires yet another hazardous condition is created. These faults are detected and indicated reliably with MRD's earth leakage detectors.

Automated relay testers for railways

MRD's RelayPro is an automated relay tester for railways that performs rapid testing and analysis of a relays operation: simply plug in the relay, select the relay type and press 'test', and RelayPro identifies the pass/fail status of the relay automatically.

The RelayPro automated relay tester tests static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, contact configuration, contact switch time, coil resistance, coil power, energised voltage and release voltage. It can be tailored to suit many styles of relays, including BR-930 Style Q Relays, US&S PN150/PN250 and GRS/Safetran vital plug-in relays, and is capable of testing 1VDC to 50VDC relays, time delay, heavy contact, latching and dual coil relays.

Test results are displayed clearly in table and graphical format. Reports are created automatically and can be printed in single, batch or summary modes.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime in your signalling system
  • Implementation of preventative maintenance and reduced maintenance costs
  • Clean contacts with RelayPro's controlled-current bust cleaner
  • Know the condition of your relays
  • Customisable on request

Locomotive low-speed controllers

The MRD LoadMate locomotive low-speed controller is designed to automatically control the speed of locomotives in loading and unloading applications. Precision speed control results in less product spillage, faster loading and unloading times, and eliminates driver fatigue caused when manually controlling this process.

Features and benefits include:

  • Controls loco speed accurately and predictably
  • Set speed control from 0.1km/hr-10km/hr in 0.1km/hr increments
  • Speed and set speed are simultaneously displayed on high-visibility readout
  • Notch up and brake on indications
  • Built-in data logger
  • Console or dash mountable
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Affordable
  • Customisable on request

Automatic warning system for train drivers

The AWS automatic warning system is used as an aid to drivers observing fixed signals, particularly under adverse weather conditions.

The equipment in the track consists of a protective ramp proceeding a permanent inductor (AWS3) and an electro inductor (AWS1). The permanent inductor has its north pole uppermost and this magnetic field by itself gives a 'caution' indication to the driver. The electro inductor, when energised, has its south pole uppermost and its south pole following the north pole of the permanent inductor gives a 'clear' indication to the driver.

On bi-directional lines, special permanent inductors called suppressor inductors (AWS2) may be used to prevent a train receiving automatic warning system indications at a signal for the opposite direction to which the train is travelling. These inductors have a permanent inductor and a suppressing coil which, when energised, diverts the magnetic flux, suppressing any indication to the train.

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