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CAF SIGNALLING - Rail Traffic Signalling Systems and Solutions

CAF SIGNALLING, the technological subsidiary of the CAF group, provides rail traffic signalling in Spain and abroad. As such, it offers remote control solutions for the transport and railway infrastructure sectors.

Turnkey railway signalling projects

CAF SIGNALLING has in-house engineering and expertise to take on turnkey railway signalling projects. It has recognition from several railway administrations in Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. CAF SIGNALLING's customers include:

  • ADIF (Spain)
  • RENFE (Spain)
  • Madrid Metro (Spain)
  • ONCF (Morocco)
  • ENR- Egypt National Railways (Egypt)
  • ANTALYA Municipality (Turkey)
  • TCDD (Turkey)
  • EFE (Chile)
  • MERVAL- Valparaíso Metro (Chile)
  • DMRC- Nueva Delhi Metro (India)
  • NRIC (Bulgaria)

Railway signalling products

CAF SIGNALLING combines advanced products with its own technology for comprehensive signalling solutions. It relies on growing efforts in research, development and innovation (RDI), particularly in the area of safety-critical systems. To this end, it boasts a young, competent and dynamic team committed to the company's objectives and customers.

CAF SIGNALLING operates a certified integrated quality management system. This provides public recognition of the commitment it has towards the highest quality standards in its products and services.

CAF SIGNALLING provides comprehensive solutions for railway signalling on an infrastructure level. This is complemented by the on-board signalling systems developed by CAF SIGNALLING.

Railway signalling systems with subsystems

CAF SIGNALLING's comprehensive railway signalling systems with subsystems developed by in-house technology include:

  • Wayside installations level 2 ERTMS systems: RBCs, PCE, integration with interlocks, etc.
  • Wayside installations level 1 ERTMS systems: LEUs, integration with Eurobalises by different manufacturers
  • Advanced SIL-4 electronic interlocks according to CENELEC standards with 2oo3 architecture and advanced communications
  • Railway traffic control centres
  • Electronic locking with junction stations
  • High-speed line side wind detection and prediction systems

Electrification systems

CAF SIGNALLING's electrification systems include:

  • Power distribution systems (PDS), including traction and catenary substations remote controls
  • Automatic energy measurement and control systems

Monitoring and control systems

CAF SIGNALLING's monitoring and control systems include:

  • Remote control for remote stations
  • Passenger information systems (PIS): teleindicators, monitors, automatic PA system
  • Freight terminals monitoring and control systems
  • Operation assistance system (SAE) for trams and light metros
  • Telephony and telecommunication systems
  • Mechanical stairs start-up systems on metro and trains (Metrovisión)
  • Station automatisation
  • Comprehensive control and maintenance services
  • Passenger counting system - CUPER

Research, development and innovation for signalling systems

CAF SIGNALLING dedicates considerable resources to RDI. Its objective is to have a product portfolio with competitive, tailor-made solutions that meet customer requirements.

CAF SIGNALLING's activities in RDI are deployed throughout various phases of the product lifecycle:

  • Concept phase
  • Development phase
  • Product application phases

One of the key factors for the successful implementation and results of CAF SIGNALLING's RDI is its proven capacity to understand customer requirements and to maintain a high level of collaboration with the teams responsible for other areas, including commercial, project execution, manufacture and technical support.

The company continuously strengthens the knowledge and technical skills of its team. It promotes an RDI structure based on creative teamwork, cooperation and group leadership to meet the business objectives tied to its products. It is particularly focused on the manufacture of competitive products and meeting customer expectations.

Safety, reliability, availability and maintainability of signalling systems

CAF SIGNALLING's RDI teams use suitable methodologies in order to achieve demanding attributes such as safety, reliability, availability and maintainability as required by the critical systems in which its products are applied.

The company also strengthens RDI using two important mechanisms:

  • The implementation of projects financed externally as part of public subsidy programmes
  • Collaboration within the CAF group, external organisations, companies, universities and research centres in various modalities

These mechanisms increase CAF SIGNALLING's capacity to innovate and improve the technological level of its products.

Each new product presents a different challenge and the company is well-known for its competency. CAF SIGNALLING is very aware of the need for continuous improvement and there are annual improvement plans for various RDI areas, including:

  • Technology
  •  Methods
  • Tools
  • Management

The management of CAF SIGNALLING's RDI is certified according to standard UNE-166.002.

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CAF SIGNALLING provides rail traffic signalling systems and solutions.
CAF SIGNALLING S3E interlocking system.
Centralised traffic control, Orense, Spain.
Madrid Metro Control Centre.
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