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Transurb Technirail is a subsidiary of the Belgian National Railways (SNCB) and the public transport operator in Brussels (STIB), and has over ten years of experience in providing innovative training tools and driving simulators.

Our product portfolio includes railway and urban transport driving simulators, e-learning platforms and innovative training and recruitment tools. We permanently aim to deliver high-quality solutions, based on our clients' needs.

Compact training unit driving simulator

Transurb Technirail's compact training unit offers a low-cost simulator that is readily transportable and can be installed on any standard PC. This training unit is the ideal tool for learning theory or specific topics of the driver's training curriculum. The interface is simulated and operation is performed with a keyboard and mouse.

Advanced training unit driving simulator

Transurb Technirail's advanced training unit provides a more immersive solution for trainee drivers. Starting with the electrical plans of real operating desks, Transurb Technirail develops a simulator allowing trainees to undertake an extensive training curriculum with the exact same interface they will encounter in their later careers.

Full immersion training unit driving simulator

Transurb Technirail's full immersion simulator provides the most intense and accurate experience for aspiring drivers. The complete driver's cabin replica is included, mounted on a dynamic platform with five degrees of freedom in order to mimic the movements of the train as closely as possible.

E-learning for railway and urban transport topics

Only a few specialised e-learning firms combine an in-house access to railway and urban transport expertise with a solid experience in e-learning development. Transurb Technirail has this unique position. We can assist you in knowledge management missions and produce customised e-learning modules for any content domain. Typical examples include railway safety and security, maintenance of rolling stock or an introduction to railway signaling and communications.

ETCS training unit

Combining 14 different national standards from the 80s, the European train control system (ETCS) is the definitive answer to interoperability and rail security issues. Currently in a full-expansion and implementation phase, operators need the best training tools to inform, train and assess their staff on this topic.

Transurb Technirail's answer to this challenge is the compact training unit for ETCS, which allows drivers to undergo a self-training course on the complex topic of ETCS.

Our solution comprises:

  • A 3D environment in which the ETCS functionalities are embedded alongside a real or generic track
  • Basic operating instruments
  • Different standardised scenarios regarding ETCS implementation

Train simulators for crew and personnel

Safety is unquestionably one of the top concerns for passengers using public transport. Transurb Technirail has experience in the delivery of mock-up coaches, designed for the training of crew and other personnel. The simulator department can coordinate with rolling stock manufacturers to deliver functional replicas of coaches.

From basic procedures, such as the opening and closing of doors, to fire alert exercises, crews can be trained in any type of scenario using real equipment. Studies have shown that using a real life environment in training sessions is up to 30% more effective.

Recruitment simulators for public transport professions

In order to ensure continuous ongoing recruitment, operators organise large-scale recruiting events. Transurb Technirail goes one step further and uses the recruitment simulator, which is a transportable tool for the promotion of public transport professions.

Applicants can take a test drive on the simplified driving simulator, gain insights on eco-driving and information on the recruitment process. The recruitment simulator combines a forward-thinking design, step-by-step information module and simplified driving module.

About Transurb Technirail

Transurb Technirail employs a team of engineers, graphic designers and project managers who are dedicated to simulation and advanced training activities.

Building on the pool of expertise that is available within the Transurb Technirail group, the simulation and advanced training solutions department has the skills and experience to quickly understand complex topics in the domain of public transport.

If you want to bring your training and recruitment tools into the 21st century, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will gladly be of assistance.

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Transurb Technirail Simulation, Training and Recruitment Solutions 09 May 2012 For over 10 years, the simulation and advanced training solutions department has delivered quality training tools and instruments. Building on the pool of expertise that is available within Transurb Technirail, the department has the skills and experience to quickly understand complex topics in the domain of public transport.

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