Composite Damping Material: Innovative Vibration Isolation and Elastic Systems for Track Infrastructure

CDM is a European company specialising in the design, manufacture and implementation of noise and vibration isolation solutions for the urban environment. From its offices across the world it has successfully completed many high-profile building, industry and rail projects.

Noise and vibration isolation systems for ballasted tracks, slab tracks and embedded rail systems

CDM has 60 years' experience and offers a complete range of cutting-edge solutions to guarantee elasticity at every level in ballasted tracks, slab tracks and embedded rail systems.

It has its own in-house test facility where there is a continuous programme of testing and development to ensure it is able to comply with any technical specifications that the rail market may demand.

CDM has 14 local subsidiaries working very closely together, exchanging daily project knowledge and experience. At the Belgium-based headquarters there is always a CDM engineer on hand to assist you with the design of the best technical and commercial solution and with its on-site implementation. 

Embedded rail solutions

If you need to design a tramway track CDM has the solution to make it a quiet, sustainable, cost effective and good looking one.

For design without sleepers, the easy-to-install CDM-Q(uiet)track offers excellent lateral stability, high electrical resistivity and multiple choice for the finishing layer. You can choose between three levels of vibration mitigation and combine it with a floating slab to cope with any kind of urban environmment. In renovation projects CDM takes the lead by integrating QTRACK in precast concrete modules to minimise the installation time and local disruption to road traffic.

When embedded sleepers or direct fasteners are designed, CDM-F(lexi)track and CDM capots are custom-made to completely decouple both the rail and fasteners from the concrete and bring them the necessary protection for a high-quality track.

If you have special applications, such as level crossings or flood / fire gates, you can encapsulate your rails with the poured in-situ CDM-P(oured)track.

Ballasted tracks

Track quality starts with the rail pads. Standard rail pads (CDM-SRP) and resilient rail pads (CDM-DRP) are produced in four different materials to cope with any technical specification.

Maximising the effectiveness of the money you spend is very important. To reduce your maintenance costs by up to 50% and increase your track quality and longevity, go for USP technology.

Under sleeper pads (CDM-USP) are produced in different materials and designed for all your specific needs. Soft USPs designed for light axle loads give high vibration attenuation while intermediate and stiff USPs are the solution for mixed traffic, transition zones, main lines and high-speed tracks.

It is possible to have a high vibration mitigation in the ballasted track with under ballast mats (CDM-UBM). Made in resin-bounded rubber they are easy to install without joints, resistant to any climatic conditions and declinable in various thicknesses.

Slab tracks

CDM believes that if you need a floating slab you deserve to have the best one. Floating slab mats (CDM-FSM) can be declined in numerous thicknesses and stiffnesses to accomodate any technical criteria. CDM-FSM are easy and quick to install in any weather condition.

If you want more why not customise your floating slab to meet the exact isolation level you need. With floating slab pads (CDM-FSP) CDM does not only provide tailor-made bearings, but can also design them accurately thanks to cutting-edge simulation software.

If you are unable to install a floating slab but still need vibration mitigation you could use the resilient direct fastener (CDM-DF-SP/HP/XP). When it is combined with a highly resilient under baseplate pad (CDM-UBP) you can achieve up to 15dBv vibration mitigation.

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