Providers of Drug and Alcohol Detection Solutions for Railway Employers


Pathtech offers detection devices for drug screening programmes, allowing railway employers to identify and eliminate the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Pathtech helps employers to prevent potential drug and alcohol abuse and provide a safer workplace under the duty of care provisions in the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act.

Saliva screening device for railway companies

The company offers the Securetec saliva testing device, which is used by all Australian Police Jurisdictions for random, roadside drug screening, so you can assured of it's accuracy and ease of use.

Pathtech's high-quality solutions also include Intoximeter breathalyzers and Proscreen urine test cups.

Solutions can be used as part of an internal in-house testing programme, or alternatively offered to existing testing providers.

Non-intrusive, short-term screening device for drug and alcohol abuse

Pathtech's DrugWipe device eliminates many of the problems related to urine testing, which have been objected to by an increasing number of unions and industry bodies.

Screening requires a single swipe of the tongue as opposed to the provision of a urine sample, eliminating the need to handle bodily fluids and creating a less intrusive testing environment for employees.

Pathtech's saliva screening solution only detects illicit substances that have been used recently, while urine testing recovers traces of a substance in the system for up to three weeks. DrugWipe therefore protects employee privacy during workplace drug testing, which aims purely to determine a person's fitness for work, or in the case of post-incident or on-suspicion.

Fast and accurate saliva screening for railway employees

Pathtech's products enable testing regimes to be conducted quickly to minimise disruption and potential revenue losses for schedule-based transport companies.

The DrugWipe screening solution delivers an accurate response in under ten minutes, depending on the number of substances being screened. A range of devices are available that will test for recent use of amphetamine and methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, cannabis, opiates and benzodiazepines.

Pathtech helps companies to bring their testing in-house with standard-compliant saliva screening devices, as well as provides training required to achieve certification.

Pathtech's saliva screening solution delivers reliable and accurate results. With regulatory bodies reporting a higher level of methamphetamine use in the long-haul logistics sector, the company's solutions allow clients to address drug and alcohol-related issues before they result in injury or loss of life.

Bespoke screening products, training and after-sales support

The Pathtech team works closely with clients to identify which device best suits their requirements. The company's dedicated experts will assess business and make a considered and informed recommendation, as well as provide detailed product training and continued after-sales support.

With existing clients from the government, mining, manufacturing, construction and customs sectors, Pathtech offers leading devices and services to create a safe, drug and alcohol-free workplace.

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