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Whitmore - Rail Curve and Switchplate Lubricants, and Friction Modifiers

Whitmore's specialty lubricants have kept the wheels of the rail industry turning since 1893. Many of these years have been spent as a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative rail curve and switchplate lubricants, as well as friction modifiers, for the railroad industry.

Specialty rail curve lubricants

Each year, railroads incur significant costs grinding and replacing rails due to the enormous friction at the wheel-rail interface. By reducing friction at the wheel-rail interface, Whitmore's rail curve lubricants extend rail and wheel life, reduce wheel flange and rail wear, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce wheel squeal.

Available in three versions, our Railmaster® products have been well-known for decades. Railmaster, Railmaster LF and Railmaster LFG rail curve lubricants provide unsurpassed performance and rail protection. All Railmaster products contain robust anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives that extend rail-wheel life and their outstanding lubricity reduces locomotive fuel consumption. These lubricants have excellent low-temperature pumpability and long carry-down.

Biodegradable rail curve lubricants

Whitmore's biodegradable rail curve lubricant, BioRail®, proves that you don't have to compromise performance in order to be environmentally responsible. BioRail has proven itself, not only in the laboratory, but also where it counts: the rail. Its stable chemistry ensures that it pumps in the coldest climates and stands up at the wiping bar in all weather conditions. Rail carry exceeds eight miles under most conditions, and BioRail stays on the rail even during heavy rain.

Mineral-oil-based rail curve lubricant

RailMax® is Whitmore's highest-performance mineral-oil-based rail curve lubricant. It sets a new standard for wayside lubricants with superior carry-down from the wiping bar, rail adhesion, water resistance and wear protection.

As part of Whitmore's eco-responsible initiative, RailMax contains no metallic components such as zinc or molybdenum. It is also free of commonly used materials such as graphite, carbon black, and sulfur-phosphorous additives. Instead, this mineral-oil-based rail curve lubricant's thickener system has built-in additives that provide outstanding extreme pressure protection and anti-wear properties.

Rail curve lubricants for wayside and hi-rail lubricators

All Whitmore rail curve lubricants work in wayside and hi-rail lubricators and are available in summer and winter grades to ensure year-round performance.

Specialty switchplate lubricants

All of Whitmore's switchplate lubricants keep railroad switch plates in tip-top operating condition. Providing long-lasting protection, these lubricants resist contaminants and can be used over a wide range of temperatures.

Offering a tough, durable and long-lasting shield of protection, EZ Switch® goes on easily, forms a protective coating on the switch plate, resists rain, and stops wear. EZ Switch can be applied to wet switches and won't wash off.

Rain-resistant switchplate lubricants

No heavy carrying, no soiled clothes, and no oily mess: EZ Switch® Spray cuts job times in half and eliminates waste. No switch lubricant on the market will resist rain as well, or last as long, as EZ Switch Spray. Each can lubricates approximately 100 switchplates. The can snaps snugly into the upside-down rifle-style applicator, which is made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum.

Biodegradable switchplate lubricants

BioSwitch® offers the benefits of our other switchplate lubricants with the added advantage of being biodegradable. By forming a protective layer of solid lubricants, BioSwitch protects switchplates from unnecessary wear.

BioSwitch X protects and lubricates in all weather conditions without drying out or collecting dirt and other contaminants. BioSwitch X is also biodegradable, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Rail lubrication management program

Whitmore's rail lubrication management program is designed to provide unique solutions for lowering the total cost of lubrication. The basic program, which is custom-tailored for specific needs, includes lubricant supply, bulk pumping equipment, and bulk delivery services. You can select the options that meet your specific needs, including:

  • Product selection – Whitmore's wide product range guarantees you are getting the best product for your specific rail conditions
  • Bulk delivery services – by eliminating container handling, inventory, waste and disposal, bulk delivery services provide labor-saving incentives and economic appeal
  • Bulk pumping equipment and maintenance – hi-rail and wayside filling systems, as well as switchplate bulk systems, eliminate container handling and provide maximum efficiency
  • Truck-to-track program – Whitmore's authorized distributors own and operate hi-rail delivery vehicles that deliver lubricant right to your wayside

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Biodegradable rail curve lubricant BioRail® biodegradable rail curve lubricant's multi-season formula works at temperatures from 0°F to 140°F.
Rail curve and switchplate lubricants All rail curve and switchplate lubricants, and friction modifiers, are developed and manufactured at our Rockwall, TX, US facility.
Switchplate lubricants We are an ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 registered company for the manufacture of rail curve and switchplate lubricants, and friction modifiers.
Whitmore's truck-to-track program With Whitmore's truck-to-track program, authorized distributors own and operate hi-rail delivery vehicles that deliver lubricant right to your wayside.
Rain-resistant switchplate lubricants EZ Switch® Spray rain-resistant switchplate lubricants cut job times in half and eliminate waste.
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