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ZF is recognized as an excellent and reliable partner for innovative driveline and chassis technology. Optimum mobility for people and goods is achieved through innovative products, and ever since the early part of the 20th century this core message has defined the thinking and action of the company. About 100 years later, this core brand has become clearly defined. ZF leads in terms of technology, quality and service thanks to approximately 57,500 employees at 119 production companies in 25 countries (2007 figures).

Rail drivelines, powertrains, dampers, and suspension components

Rail transport benefits from this. Ever since its first "Rail Bus" project was launched 55 years ago, the ZF Group's special driveline technology business unit has been producing drive systems for the future of rail travel that are capable of being integrated into existing systems. ZF Sachs, the powertrain and suspension components division, creates rail vehicle dampers to meet all requirements.

In the commercial vehicle chassis modules business unit of the ZF Group, every kind of connecting component for rail vehicles is manufactured. By the cooperation of the three divisions, manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles are assured of flawless, reliable, and long-lasting products.

Customised powertrain and driveline components and systems

The things that manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles expect in the future - increased driving comfort and safety with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions - have already been turned into practical reality in the form of ZF products.

Highly integrated products and superlative systems expertise are the keys to this. All powertrain components are provided from a single source. The weight-optimized precision components are all perfectly matched within identical modules and can be combined to suit different performance classes. Driveline systems from ZF are more than the sum of their parts.

ZF's extensive in-house expertise translates straight into added value for the customer. It is this knowledge that extends the service life of ZF products and makes them more economical; a process aided by the inter-company transfer of technical know-how. For example, some aspects of transmission technology from the commercial vehicle sector can be utilized for rail travel. This cuts down development time.

Rail vehicle damping components and systems

Modern chassis technology for rail vehicles should be quiet, comfortable, reliable and environment-friendly; no easy undertaking when you consider the inherent technical challenges. Here's an example: in passenger transport, trains are now very much holding their own against airlines. However, once travelling at more than 250km/h (more than 150mph) wear and maintenance costs of rolling stock and the rail system rise almost exponentially. As a technology leader, ZF is setting new standards here, and offers perfectly matched damping components and systems for all types of rail vehicle.

Dynamic simulation, testing and modern production equipment for dampers

Globally networked processes with customers and suppliers form the basis for developing these high-tech damping products. Dynamic simulation, high-precision test procedures and virtual product development lead to ingeniously mature technical solutions built from high-quality and robust materials.

Highly-skilled teams, flexible structures, and the latest production technology guarantee maximum service life, the key to conserving resources. All products and production processes are designed to have the lowest possible levels of environmental impact.

Safe, reliable and cost-effective suspension components and systems

Passengers and goods on the railways are entitled to reach their destinations safely, quickly and cost-effectively. ZF suspension components and systems lay the best possible groundwork for achieving this goal.

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