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Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Protection for Railway Operations

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Carling Technologies is a leading manufacturer of miniature hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offering maximum circuit protection for signalling and infrastructure applications in the railway industry.

With more than nine decades of product development and manufacturing experience, Carling's products are optimal for applications with specific and stringent requirements.

Temperature stable circuit breakers for rail infrastructure

Carling's hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers provide significant advantages when compared to thermal circuit breakers.

Their hydraulic-magnetic design and precision mechanisms are temperature-stable within the range of -40°C to 85°C, enabling high-quality performance in even the most extreme operating environments.

The circuit breakers' overcurrent sensing mechanism reacts only to changes of current in the circuit being protected and no heat induced tripping or cool down is necessary for resetting the breaker.

These breakers also provide common trip linkage ensuring all poles trip during overcurrent scenarios.

Safety-compliant circuit protection for railways

Carling's line of circuit breakers are designed to comply with the latest safety regulations for electro-technical equipment in the railway industry: EN 60077, EN45545-2, NF F16-101 and IEC 61373.

Current-optimised circuit breaker systems for rail operations

Carling's hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers deliver accurate, dependable and cost-effective results for signalling and infrastructure railway applications.

The company is able to supply a number of different circuit breaker units, which are optimised for use with currents ranging from 0.02A-700A depending on customer needs and specifications.

Carling's product range includes:

  • The A-Series is a compact unit ideal for full-load amp applications with ratings from 0.02-50 amps, up to 80VDC, 250VAC. It is available in one to six poles and offers UL 489, UL 1077, TUV, VDE and CSA approvals.
  • The C-Series delivers outstanding results in high-amperage and high-voltage applications with ratings from 0.02A-250A, up to 150VDC, 480VAC. It is available in one to six poles and is VDE-0642, UL 489, UL 1077, CSA and TUV certified.
  • The ROCB-Series is a C-Series circuit breaker equipped with a remote operated module. This breaker is available in one to three poles with ratings from 0.02A-100A, up to 125VDC, 480VAC, and meets UL 489, UL 1077, CSA and TUV standards.
  • The G-Series DIN rail-mounted breaker accommodates 35mm x 7.5mm or 15mm DIN rails. It is available in one to four poles with ratings from 0.02A-62A up to 125VDC, 480VAC. This device meets IEC spacing requirements and is TUV, UL 489, UL 1077 and CSA accredited.
  • The E-Series is ideal for high-current and high-voltage operation. Additionally, it is certified as both a supplementary protector and manual controller. It is available in one to six poles with ratings from 0.1A-100A up to 125VDC, 600VAC. Approvals include UL 489, UL 1077, CSA & VDE.
  • The F-Series is equipped for high-amperage, high-current and critical applications having inductive loads under extreme temperature conditions. This unit is available in one to three poles with ratings from 100A-700A up to 125VDC, 277VAC, and meets UL 489, cUL and TUV specifications.

About Carling Technologies

The company was founded in 1920 and has since built successful distribution partnerships and business relationships with major OEMs across a number of global industries.

Carling Technologies owns and operates ISO and TS registered manufacturing facilities and technical sales branches worldwide and ranks among the world's largest manufacturers of circuit breakers, switches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls.

Carling's 'Quality by Design' mission and highly advanced product development methodologies guarantee outstanding performance for the most progressive applications. Its worldwide sales and distribution locations, along with a team of highly specialised employees and representatives, are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Innovative products, vertical integration, reliable and on-time delivery, along with excellent customer service are just a few of the competitive advantages you will find when you partner with Carling Technologies. To find out more, contact the company using the details below.

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