CAF Power & Automation

Electric Traction Converters and Information & Communication Systems

CAF Power & Automation is an international company dedicated to the design and manufacture electric traction converters, energy storage systems and information and communication systems for all types of rolling stock. CAF Power & Automation is a solution provider of reliable technologies, as a result of our research and design, and an experienced and highly qualified team.

Electric power systems and energy

Our different working areas for tramway, metro, LRV, EMU, locomotive, and DEMU are:

  • Electric DC traction converters:
    • 750V
    • 1,500V, Double 1,500V
    • 3,000V,
    • Dual 750/3,000V

For tramway, metro LRV, EMU:

  • Electric AC traction converters:
    • 25kVAC Traction Converters for Locomotive and EMU
  • Diesel-Electric AC Traction Converters
    • For DEMU and Locomotive

Information and communications systems

CAF Power & Automation provides information and communication solutions for the railway industry.

Our different areas of knowledge are:

  • Train control and supervision systems:
    • Modular systems of train control, monitoring and supervision based on TCN communication standards.
  • Variable monitoring systems:
    • Systems for measuring and monitoring a wide range of variables, such as bearing temperature, acceleration, and oil levels
  • Multimedia platforms
    • A multimedia platform guaranteeing passengers information, safety and comfort
  • Train telecommunication systems:
    • Set of tools for remote managing and configuring
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Record and data storage
    • Real time alarm management
    • Content upgrades and record downloads scheduling
    • User profile management
    • Register viewer

Energy storage systems

Greentech by CAF Power & Automation is an ambitious initiative entailing a range of products that are environmentally friendly:

  • FREEDRIVE catenary-free running allows vehicles to run in catenary-free areas, reducing visual pollution and investment in infrastructures.
  • EVODRIVE energy efficiency provides optimisation by recovering the kinetic energy of the train in the braking phase.
  • EDRIS optimum energy consumption improves energy consumption through efficient driving

About CAF Power & Automation

We are part of CAF Group, specialized in the railway business for over 100 years, with experience as a reliable supplier within the industry. We are an innovative company adapting our solutions to the needs of each customer and offering 'turnkey' solutions. CAF Power & Automation is certified by IRIS, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 15504.

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