Automated Software for Railway Infrastructure Projects


RailComplete AS develops and provides RailCOMPLETE®, a cost-efficient and precise software tool for railway infrastructure planning.

RailCOMPLETE has been designed to facilitate tasks performed while planning railway infrastructure projects. Clients provide the system with data, which can then be refined during all stages of the planning and construction process.

The software reduces public spending on railway planning, increases accuracy, and decreases the risk of late construction errors.

Automated designs and simulations based on model data

RailCOMPLETE automates time-consuming tasks involved with preparing railway drawings, which until now have been carried out manually.

The software exports model data to leading 3D applications, such as NavisWorks® from AutoCAD®. Every object is modelled using 3D coordinates, and its pitch, roll and yaw in space are expressed in a local coordinate system following the object's own track.

Meanwhile, 2D model data can be exported with meta-data to leading capacity simulation programmes. Exportable data includes track usage, preferred driving direction, signal types, dispatching rules, safety zones and maximum speeds.

The RailCOMPLETE software facilitates data entry, editing and evaluation of railway objects. Data may be entered literally or as expressions collating data from several connected objects. It can also be filtered using a combination of techniques, and filters may be stored or exported for sharing and future use.

Table manager for cross-referencing designs

RailCOMPLETE features a powerful table manager. Any combination of data found in the drawing itself or in cross-referenced drawings can be combined and presented in a client's preferred format, based on the native AutoCAD® table object.

The solution helps prevent clients from incorrectly placing components such as balises and axle counters during the engineering phase, avoiding expensive construction errors.

Tracking loading gauges and mileage to prevent errors

RailCOMPLETE tracks loading gauges in 2D for trains running through a client's model, which prevent objects from being constructed in the ruled-out zones between railway tracks. Time-consuming operations, such as calculating object mileage referred to one specific track, have been automated.

RailCOMPLETE allows clients to subdivide any track and assign a 'parent' track to each subdivision, allowing them to monitor a specific mileage system.

The editing and display of track-related information is conveniently handled with the solution's track manager. Fouling points are calculated automatically as required, and may be copied to the drawing as a permanent track decoration.

Innovative software for future rail infrastructure requirements

Future versions of RailCOMPLETE will encode engineering skills, reducing design errors in complex planning projects.

The RailCons research program aims to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that will allow RailCOMPLETE to become an advanced model checker.

The upgraded software will be able to handle complex issues on-the-fly, such as locating instances of axle counters being too close together, locating overlapping safety zones on route end points, and calculating the sum of distances up to their nearest common fouling point.

About RailComplete

RailComplete develops and markets the RailCOMPLETE software, which is now being shipped to early-bird users. The company's first customer is Norconsult, a leading railway consultant company.

A Norwegian shareholding company with limited liability, RailComplete is fully owned by its founder Claus Feyling through Feyling Holding.

Partners and investors

RailComplete welcomes prospective partners to participate in the task of bringing RailCOMPLETE to their local market. Your company might be our next RailCOMPLETE agent. Please contact us for details.

RailComplete also welcomes interested professional investors into sharing the benefits of bringing RailCOMPLETE to a wider audience. Your company might be a leading consulting company, or a technology portfolio covering the railway industry in general.

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