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Automation, Control and Information Systems

OEM Technology Solutions provides solutions to the rail technology market, with a secondary market focus on the application of core rail technology capabilities into the wider transportation sector.

High technology products for the railway industry

Specialising in the design and development of high-technology products since 1993, OEM Technology Solutions combines technology, innovative engineering and design services to provide turnkey solutions for our clients. Our specialty is PLCs for the rail industry.

OEM Technology Solutions services include user requirements analysis, product specification, electronic hardware and software development, mechanical design and manufacture, production and testing, documentation and long-term support. The capabilities of OEM Technology Solutions services include:

  • Design and development to railway and transportation standards: electronics (EN50155), software (EN50128)
  • Integration / verification / validation
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Custom designs

Control, monitoring, embedded computer and turnkey systems

OEM Technology Solutions' products include:

  • Control and monitoring programmable logic controller (PC1,PC3 PLCs for Rail) systems for air conditioning, doors, couplers, lighting, duress and fire detection
  • Embedded computer solutions for electronic train management systems, telecommunications and telemetry, driver advice systems, video surveillance systems and passenger information systems
  • Turnkey solutions for speed measurement with axle mounted and contactless speed sensors, event and juridical data recording, speed indication and vigilance control

Modular programmable logic controllers for rail air conditioning systems

OEM Technology Solutions PC3 series programmable controller is an innovative new product for the rail and transportation market, and is ideal for applications such as rail air conditioning systems.

The PC3 is extremely configurable as you can select the number and type of PC3 I/O from a wide range of modules. Choose your configuration and create your own industrial single board controller. The PC3 PLC for rail and transport has been designed specifically for high-reliability applications, such as those within the rail industry.

The controller has been designed to comply with the strict railway standard EN50155 for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. The PC3 supports both international programming standards IEC61131-3 and IEC61499.

OEM Technology Solutions can provide ISO9001 accredited design services to customise the PC3 controller to suit your application.

Programmable controllers for control and monitoring applications

OEM Technology Solutions PC1 range of programmable controllers have been designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding control and monitoring applications particularly in the rail and associated transportation industries.

The PC1 PLC controllers are low profile and are housed in rugged enclosures. Each comes with adequate mounting points and optional DIN mounting clips. All controllers are equipped with an Ethernet port for connection to the local area network (LAN). Control and monitoring data may be passed between controllers or on to the management system.

The controllers have been designed to operate on a wide range of supply voltage and in demanding environmental conditions, making them ideal for rail and wider transport applications. The I/O on each controller may be extended by connecting additional I/O expansion modules to the RS485 port. I/O expansion modules are available in a range of configurations, including analogue and digital inputs and outputs.

The internationally recognised IEC61131-3 programming system makes configuring and programming the controllers simple. The use of graphical languages ensures that long-term maintenance is not an issue.

Communication gateways

More and more customers require secure remote access monitoring, control and programming of their control system. OEM Technology Solutions recognise this and offer the ComTeso communications gateways, which provide the necessary connectivity to the OEM-Teso network.

The OEM Technology Solutions gateways offer a range of gateways to suit the application and the communications infrastructure available. This includes standard phone lines, cellular networks, wireless or the internet.

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